March 24, 2009

Nobody Likes Me!

So why don't you go eat some worms and quit crying!?!?
I love The Biggest Loser. And I mean LOVE. I do jumping jacks during the commercials and I cry when the contestants cry. However, Tara!! She has been dominating the competition since day one. So on tonight's episode, people targeted her to lose the challenge. What does she do? Whine and cry about how it doesn't feel good to be picked on. Ok, you're right about that Tara. Then, she storms off, won't talk to anyone but her partner, Laura, and she is crying. Not only is she crying, she is saying she wants to quit. EXCUSE ME?? Quit? You have been given an amazing opportunity and just because the kids on the playground are picking on you, because they are jealous of you, you're going to quit??? I am disgusted just thinking about it. Of course, it was all for show and her partner talks her out of it and pumps her up and convinces her to stay. But what a brat right? What a whiny brat!
Everyone knows my motto is, "No one likes a whiner!"