January 27, 2010

Mr. and Mrs.

Remember this post?
Well, now he is officially my Hubster and my Husband!!
We finally tied the knot on January 23, 2010.
Yes, that makes our anniversary 1/23. Pretty cute right?
Let's be real, it just makes it easier for the Hubster to remember.
This photo is just a sneak peak.
Photos by the amazing Ashley McFerrin.

January 26, 2010

I'm Hungry, Have We Met?

I want to eat All.Day.Long. Seriously, all day. I don't remember being this hungry when I was pregnant with Little Boy. I wake up in the morning and have to eat ASAP or my body hurts. Then, 1.5 to 2 hours later, I have to eat again. Or else. That's a serious or else. People have called my house and gotten the wrath of me. (sorry people) Because not only am I starving 24/7, I am also SUPER cranky and moody. So being hungry, only makes my moodiness worse. Some days, I don't even leave my house because the very thought of seeing someone and having to talk to them, makes me cringe. Crazy right?!? I am a people person damn-it! I am hoping that all this passes once I am in my 2ND trimester. If not, I feel sorry for my family and friends. Hopefully after this I still have family and friends. That's how bad it is.
I warn them though. That makes it OK right? I seriously can't help it. I feel like some little gremlin crawled inside of me and is controlling everything.
I have never been so cranky, moody and hungry in my life.
It's horrible and I am sorry. Kind of. I can't help it.

January 19, 2010

Sick As A Dog

What the heck is going on?!?!? When I was pregnant with Little Boy, I didn't have a single symptom, not a one! Now, I have every prego symptom possible. The MAJOR Nausea is the thing that is killing me. I don't even understand how women who go through this every pregnancy, keep getting pregnant. I am over it. Yep, over it.
They should have a pill, that can make teenagers feel like this for a week.
I bet that will keep their legs closed. It's horrible.

January 11, 2010

And Baby Makes 4........

Big news!!
We are expecting baby #2. Exciting right? We are very very excited. I am a little nervous about turning into a beached whale, but at least I will have a little munchkin after it's all done. :)