July 26, 2009

Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned

With these bad boys.

I am sick just thinking about how many I ate.....in one sitting. I am, however, pretty sure it's the Hubster's fault. He sent me into Wal-Mart, by myself, for a few groceries, mistake #1.

As I was walking down the main aisle, passing the cookie aisle, I could hear my name being called. I am looking around and no one is there. Then I look again, and I see them. The Mint Milanos. They were smiling and waving at me, acting like we were old friends. Psshhh, old friends yeah right. I told them to leave me alone, I am on Weight Watchers and I wanted nothing to do with their sugary, minty, milk chocolatey goodness. Did they listen, no. They "fell" into my basket. I tried to put them back, but I couldn't. I went to put them back on the shelf and I couldn't let go of them. So I told myself, one bag won't hurt right? I can jump back on the wagon tomorrow right?

So for now, it's just me and my sugary, minty, milk chocolatey old friends.

Thank you Pepperidge Farm, thank you.

July 22, 2009

Chi Town Picture Overload

We are home!! We had so much stinking fun in Chicago. Hubster has the best family. I think I laughed more that whole week then I have ever laughed. They are all comedians. All.Of.Them.
We started out the week at Six Flags Great America. This place was awesome. I am used to our Six Flags Magic Mountain, which is a dump. So this place really shocked me.

This is me with my Sister in law Terry and nieces. I had so much fun with them while I was out there. And these two little girls are the most well behaved 12 year olds I have ever met. They are just so sweet and so funny.

Little Boy loved him some Wonder Woman. When she walked away, he kept blowing her kisses. He is a little charmer.

AAhhhhh, I finally met the bird!! Growing up, I was a HUGE Tweety Bird fan.
By huge, I mean HUGE.
So meeting, her/him was bitter sweet.
Is it a her? Or a he? Hmmmm
Do you like that I have the same pose as Wonder Woman? She must know to do that so your arm doesn't look like a sausage link.

So, remember this post? I am pretty sure that is where he learned his moves.
My little pole dancer, mama is so proud.

They had this mist machine, seriously, he would not move away from it. I thought some angry man that was dying of 90 Degree weather was going to toss him out of the way like a rag doll.

On Thursday we went to Downtown Chicago. We rode the "L" Train into town, which was awesome. We ate lunch, walked around, then took a bus over the Navy Pier.

This Ferris Wheel was MASSIVE people. MASSIVE!! We had to go on it though, the view from the top was sure to be amazing.

Here I am with Sassy Sophia.
Here is my Sister in Law Terry, Little Boy and Danielle.
I took this about half way up, I told you the view was amazing.
Little boy looks scared, but he isn't. He is mad because I wouldn't let him play with the bars that open up the cage! I am pretty sure he wanted to jump out.

And now he is full blown mad. This is what he does when you tell him no and hurt his feelings. He cries and tries to make you feel bad. Isn't he sweet?

After Navy Pier, it was time to take the train back home. This is the view from the train stop.
You didn't think I would leave Chicago without a little visit to my friend Oprah would you?

I am pretty sure Oprah wipes her Jimmy Choos here. Those were all the photos I could get. They are so strict about letting you take photos. Weird.

The White Sox Game!!

This night was amazing! My Sister In Law Lucy, is such a good time! Once we got into the stadium, she took me to the Bullpen Sports bar which is ground level, right on the field. It was unbelievable. The outside seats, are first come first serve. Well we happened to get there in time and got the best seats on the patio! Our seats were so good, that we were actually asked if we would switch with people. Um, NO!! We had ground level seats and a waitress to bring us those yummy beers and Chicago hot dogs. What more could you ask for?!?
That is what we got to stare at all night. The White Sox's poster boy, Jermaine Dye. He was so friendly with all of us too.
Ok, so here is the story on these two. Even though Lucy and I had amazing seats, our table sat 4 and they try to fill up every seat. So of course, we knew we would have to share our table. That's where these two crazies come in the picture. I don't think we could have gotten a better couple paired with us. They were absolutely hilarious. Like, I am laughing so hard I can't breathe hilarious. Notice the guy's jacket? He bought that just because he was cold. Now, scroll down.

Oh yeah, when the game was over, he gave the jacket to me!! He isn't even a Sox fan, he was just there treating some of his employees. Him and his wife are from Jersey! So here I am showing off my new "way too big for me" sweatshirt and the beer they bought us. Good times!

And that was Chicago. I can't wait to go back! I miss those Zamoras already.

oh and p.s. I totally had dinner with Matt Lorenz . You know, the winner of Top Design?

Him and his Wife Veronica pretty much rock.

Bellies and Blossoms

When I was prego, I worked at Bellies And Blossoms. It's a cute little maternity store here in Vegas and pretty much heaven. I am not sure where all of you live, but here in Vegas, our Nordstrom does not carry maternity clothes and we only have one GAP that has a maternity section. So this store, like I said, is heaven.

This is a picture of me and the Hubster back when I was 7 months prego. That top is from Bellies and it is sooooo cute. I still wear it today. Yep, I am not prego and I am still wearing prego tops. Stop it, I am not fat! What I am saying is, these clothes work for before pregnancy, during and after. The owner, she is pretty much as tall as Kobe Bryant and as skinny as a pole and she wears 80% of her merchandise! Seriously people, it works.
(bad picture, I know)
See this pinkish peach top here? Totally from her store. Cute right?.
I know it's not a very good shot of the shirt, but you get the idea.

Anyways. Just wanted to let all my pregos out there know, that on August 8Th, Bellies and Blossoms will be having a sidewalk sale. Stuff will be up to 70% off. Like I said, she sells the same brands that you can get from Nordtrom online!! Amazing right?? Right.
Oh and if you're a prego who likes name brand jeans, she has amazing jeans.
Paige Denim, James Jeans and more.
Go there now. Tell her I sent you. =)
oh and p.s. you can shop online if you don't live in Vegas. Right now for July, any red, white or blue item is 20% off!! Doesn't that make you giddy?

July 13, 2009

See Ya!

I know I have been a bad blogger, I get it. Today though, I am leaving for Chicago!! I promise when I get back, to have the best stories ever to tell you.
I won't let you down.

I am sure I will see some crazy drunk White Sox fans (hopefully it's not me!) while I am here watching them play. Yes, yes, I promise to enjoy a Chicago hot dog for each and every one of you.
Wednesday, I will see some of my old friends.
You know them right?Yes that's right, they live here.

So you people be good and I will see you when I get back!!