August 27, 2008

Holy Moly

Little boy walked finally! He didn't just take a step, he took four. Then he took five. He then got a little full of himself and went for the 6th and ate it. It was quite cute.
To get him to walk, all I had to do was hold my cell phone and he came after it. What is with guys and their electronics? I am sure that one will be a mystery until the end of time.

So yeah, back to the little boy. He is officially a walker. That scares me. Very much so. He is a super fast crawler, so he will probably be an Olympic Race Walker. Great. That's just great.
So the Hubster and I decided we should get little boy some shoes. I was thinking those soft crib shoes like, Robeez or Bobux. What does Hubster want to get? Nikes. Are you kidding me? Little boy is going to develop gigantic calf muscles because the Nikes are so heavy! But they look cool he tells me. Well that's it then. They look cool and I am for sure all about having the coolest looking kid in the play group. SOLD! Now poor little boy is sliding around because he can't lift his poor feet off the ground. But remember, he looks cool.

August 25, 2008

Come On, Let's Hug It Out

I did it, I asked my baby if we could hug it out. Here's how it went.
I was on the computer doing a few things and Zachary was roaming around in the office.
He becomes quiet and I hear paper tear. I look over and oh my he has torn some of my scrapbook paper.
Mommy: Zachary, what is that?
Zachary: bLah, ferwger, blah sdfser (baby talk)
Mommy: You know you aren't supposed to play with Mommy's scrapbook paper.
Zachary(turns on puppy dog eyes): Blah sldkfh blah sdlfkhj (again, baby talk)
Mommy: This is a NO NO!! ( I hold up the paper for him to see)
He then starts to act like he got his feelings hurt and starts to cry. Then he started laughing. So again, I told him that we don't play with Mommy's stuff and that it was a big no no. He then really starts to cry and puts his head on my lap!! What? Who taught him this stuff? I have raised a Charmer.
I then felt horrible and asked him if we could just hug it out. And we did. We hugged and hugged. Moral of the story? My kid knows how to work his mom.

August 21, 2008

Hooter Hiders

I am learning to sew people!! I am so excited about it, so excited I can't sleep!! I found a really easy pattern for nursing covers and I am going to attempt them. I nursed my little man and I just feel like if I would have had one of these, it would have been easier to nurse in public. I tried with a blanket but holy moly, I had a few wardrobe malfunctions.
Who wants to nurse in public and have the blanket fall off and let everyone see what you're working with!? No one. So why not cover up with a hip chic nursing cover. Yes I know they are already being made all over the place, but not for cheap. I did some researching and my oh my are those suckers expensive. So I am going to make me some and some for my friends.
How do you like them apples?
Oh, and my sewing machine is a beauty from 1975. True story. My mom paid $250 back in 1975 for this Sears/Kenmore sewing machine and it is still in perfect condition. $250 back then was A LOT of money. And as Manny would say, "Sears/Kenmore Rules!!" (in his manly tim the tool man taylor voice) So I plan on making my mom proud and using this vintage piece until it's done. That will also make my nursing covers special, they were made from an antique!
I also found something called a nursing clip. For moms that don't want to fork out tons of money for a nursing cover, you buy these clips. You just clip one side to any blanket then wrap the clip around your neck and secure the other end of the clip the blanket. PRESTO! You have an instant nursing cover that won't fall off and show your goodies. These women that come up with this stuff are Geniuses!!!

Scrapbooking Sale

I know not everyone lives in Vegas, but if you do, Pebbles In My Pocket is having a HUGE sample sale on Saturday. Be there or be square!

Big Brother 10

Tonight is the live eviction!! I can't wait. It's on right now, but I have to TIVO it because the hubster isn't into reality tv. Plus the Chicago Bears are playing right now, so NOTHING else can be on the tv. That explains why I have time to post. Anywho!
Back to Big Brother 10. The two house guests up for eviction are Jerry and April. I would LOVE to say a big fat "See Ya" to April. She is just awful. She is so full of herself and she is such a cry baby. I can't wait until she gets home and watches the show and sees how awful she sounded always talking about how cute and sweet she thinks she is. Who says that about themselves? Seriously.


Boy am I lazy. That is not an understatement.

I stay at home and chase after a very active 11 month old and you'd think that would help me lose some baby weight. But nope. I am still fat. I am not fat and happy though.

I am always thinking about what I will do to get skinny. I think, I will watch my calories and not eat 2 hours before bedtime. Check.

I will work out on our elliptical until I can comfortably do an hour, then I will hit the gym.
This is where I get lazy. I get all FIRED up, and I mean FIRED up, about working out and getting skinny, and then I go and see what I can eat while I watch Big Brother.

What is it with the laziness? I never used to be lazy. I used to have so much energy that people at my work hated me because I was so happy and energetic all the time. Now, I would probably get along with those miserable saps (I am not miserable though, just lazy).

If anyone out there has an idea of how I can get back on track and get some of my energy back so I can at least work out an hour a day, that would be awesome. Help a fat sister out!


Did you guys know that WALKING was a sport? Don't laugh, I am not kidding. Last night while I was laying in bed trying to figure out how to get skinny, I flipped on the Olympics. I had to take a second look because these women that I thought were running slow because they were tired, looked so funny! That's when I heard the announcer say they were Race Walking. I about fell off the bed. I am not discrediting the athletes, but come on! Walking? Next year they should have diaper changing, I will for sure be the Gold Medalist. I rule in diaper changing, just ask my little man. We are currently in our 10 1/2 month of diaper rash freedom! That takes talent if you ask me!

August 19, 2008


I should have known better. I know that Zachary+office=disaster, but I did it anyway!! I took him in there with me so I could check some emails. I don't even think my home page had loaded before I heard the bowflex rattling. I turned around and this is what I found.

I caught him red handed!!!

As I am telling him how climbing on Daddy's bowflex is a No-No, he decides to charm me with his sweet smile!

Then he starts telling me why he shouldn't get in trouble for being up there. I didn't understand any of it because he doesn't speak english.

Now he is mad because he can't get down and instead of helping him, I am taking pictures.

Ahhhhh, free at last!!

p.s. two seconds later he was back at it! They never learn!

Nature? Not For Me!!

I took Zachary out to our little park in our development because it was so nice outside (it was around 5'oclock, I am not crazy!) I thought I would dress him cute and try and get a few snapshots for some scrapbook pages. Well, Zachary doesn't like nature. I didn't get one single good shot, but I did have a few laughs at my sons expense. Here is how the 15 min park visit went. He is feeling the grass and starting to realize he isn't a fan of it.

So, he starts to eat it, thinking that it will be yummy. But nope, Mommy doesn't think eating fertalizer is a good idea. (can you blame me?)

This is where it gets good. He decides he has had enough and starts to crawl away. Except the minute he puts his knees on the grass, this is what he did!! Haha

And now he is pissed. Yes I should have stopped taking pictures and helped him, but he was being too cute!!

August 14, 2008

I am Suzanne & I am Addicted to Reality TV

Ok people, I LLLOOVVEEE reality TV. I am seriously a reality TV show addict. I don't know why or what it is about it, but I am hooked.
One of my favorite reality shows is Big Brother. I have watched it since season one and I can't get enough. But I am having some issues with the house guests. (those are the people picked to live in the house & play the game) This is the 10th season of this amazing show and there are still house guests that don't understand the game. I just want to say "IT'S A GAME PEOPLE!!" People audition for this show, then go on the show and cry when their "friend" in the house back stabs them. UH....isn't that what big brother stands for? BACKSTABBING? You aren't going to win the $500,000 prize by being sweet and sticking to your word. Heck no people, you have to lie, cheat and schmooze (is that a word?) your way to the end. And if you do lie, cheat and schmooze your way to the end, that doesn't make you a bad person!! Again, it is a game and you have to "bluff" your way to the end. And for those people that take it all personal and wish the other housemates dead after the show, GET A LIFE! I swear, I think I am a pretty good person, but if I was on this show, I am sure I would make some enemies. I mean come on, why put your life on hold to be on this show, where you are secluded from the outside world for 3 months, if you aren't going to PLAY THE GAME?!?! Ugghh, maybe season 11 will get it. Even with all that said, I can honestly say that this season is one of my favorites. And my favorite house guests are Keesha, Memphis and Renny. These three I think understand the game the best. And although there are people in the house they don't care for, they still understand that it's all a game and there are no hard feelings. This week Keesha was VERY close to being voted out but she hung in there and didn't get voted out! Woo hoo!! And then to top it off, her best friend in the house won Head Of Household and we know she won't nominate Keesha for eviction. Life is good again for me and big brother.

The other show that feeds my addiction is Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. I could careless what the critics say. I love Tori Spelling. Is she a good actress? No. Is she funny and great in real life? YES!!! How can you watch her show and not die laughing every time. She kills me. Seriously, I really wish I could be her friend. I think her and I would be great together, don't you? So, Tori, if you are reading this, CALL ME! =)

August 7, 2008

Mother Of The Year

Ok, Zachary has been not feeling well these past two days. He hasn't had a fever or anything, just always cranky. It didn't take me long to notice that he hadn't pooped in awhile and maybe he was a little constipated. For all of you moms out there, we know when our child is going potty. My little man stops all activity and just sits there and grunts. His face turns bright red and he does his business. Now he did this about 4 times yesterday. And every time I smelt something foul and took him to change his diaper. But every time, his diaper was clean. I felt so bad because you know he was working sooooo hard to get it out. Finally I think all the work of pushing tired him out and he slept for 2 hours!! When he woke up he was screaming, which isn't normal. I go in there and he is beat red and pushing while still screaming. I am trying to figure out what is wrong so I start to change his diaper. (here comes the gross part) When I opened his diaper and looked, the poor guy had a piece the size of a quarter, STUCK!! It wanted to come out but it was stuck right at the opening. So what does any loving mother do? We go in after it. That's right. I grabbed a wipe and did my duty. I helped pull it out. Not to be gross, but this thing was hard as a rock and long!! Once I got it out he stopped crying and gave me a look of "Thanks Mom!" After that I gave him some apple juice and he has had successful poos ever since!!
Another happy customer in the Zamora Household.

August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday night and helped me celebrate my birthday. It was a wild and crazy night, a perfect way to end my partying days!

P.S. for those of you that thought, having some gianormous man slam my head into his belly over and over again was funny, remember this, payback sucks. Thanks Taco