August 21, 2008

Hooter Hiders

I am learning to sew people!! I am so excited about it, so excited I can't sleep!! I found a really easy pattern for nursing covers and I am going to attempt them. I nursed my little man and I just feel like if I would have had one of these, it would have been easier to nurse in public. I tried with a blanket but holy moly, I had a few wardrobe malfunctions.
Who wants to nurse in public and have the blanket fall off and let everyone see what you're working with!? No one. So why not cover up with a hip chic nursing cover. Yes I know they are already being made all over the place, but not for cheap. I did some researching and my oh my are those suckers expensive. So I am going to make me some and some for my friends.
How do you like them apples?
Oh, and my sewing machine is a beauty from 1975. True story. My mom paid $250 back in 1975 for this Sears/Kenmore sewing machine and it is still in perfect condition. $250 back then was A LOT of money. And as Manny would say, "Sears/Kenmore Rules!!" (in his manly tim the tool man taylor voice) So I plan on making my mom proud and using this vintage piece until it's done. That will also make my nursing covers special, they were made from an antique!
I also found something called a nursing clip. For moms that don't want to fork out tons of money for a nursing cover, you buy these clips. You just clip one side to any blanket then wrap the clip around your neck and secure the other end of the clip the blanket. PRESTO! You have an instant nursing cover that won't fall off and show your goodies. These women that come up with this stuff are Geniuses!!!