August 19, 2008

Nature? Not For Me!!

I took Zachary out to our little park in our development because it was so nice outside (it was around 5'oclock, I am not crazy!) I thought I would dress him cute and try and get a few snapshots for some scrapbook pages. Well, Zachary doesn't like nature. I didn't get one single good shot, but I did have a few laughs at my sons expense. Here is how the 15 min park visit went. He is feeling the grass and starting to realize he isn't a fan of it.

So, he starts to eat it, thinking that it will be yummy. But nope, Mommy doesn't think eating fertalizer is a good idea. (can you blame me?)

This is where it gets good. He decides he has had enough and starts to crawl away. Except the minute he puts his knees on the grass, this is what he did!! Haha

And now he is pissed. Yes I should have stopped taking pictures and helped him, but he was being too cute!!


Ashley said...

how are these boys growing up so fast?? he looks so cute, and i love your photog skills