November 30, 2008

Look What Mama Made

Impressed?? You should be!! I am in love!
p.s. I am even more in love because Michael's had their Cricut Cartridges on sale for $30 and I got 5!!!

November 28, 2008


This was almost me today. I almost got up and went to Kohl's. I am lying. I did get up and go to Kohl's, but I didn't go in. Heck no, sure didn't. I pulled up to the parking lot and noticed that all the spots within 2 miles of the store were taken, so I decided I better not go in, for little boys sake of course. Anytime we are in big crowds he feels the need to sing and dance, and I didn't know how to explain to him that these people didn't want a show, they wanted a deal. So instead, we went over to Einstein Bagels, again, crazy crowds. Must have been giving out free cream cheese with every onion bagel purchased. So naturally, we skipped breakfast too. What a day!! People are nuts for sure. I ended up at Michael's, (big shocker) and there were only a few women in there, but they were running around grabbing stuff like they were competing on Super Market Sweep. (stop it, you know you remember that game show) I wanted to grab one of them by the arm and tell them to knock it off, they were making little boy sick. It wasn't like Michael's was going to run out of anything. I was buying Cricut Cartridges for $30 and every time I would grab one and put it in my cart, some crazy employee would pop up out of nowhere and replace it. Ladies they had plenty! Anyways!! To all you Black Friday Whack Jobs, I hope you got the all the deals you were looking for without ending up in the E.R.


Hubster got an amazing text on Thanksgiving that I thought I would share:

Just think, that if the Indians and Pilgrims would have feasted on a donkey, then on thanksgiving, instead of having turkey, we would all be having a piece of ass!!


November 26, 2008

All Mine

It's here!! Finally!! I have been wanting the Cricut Expression for so long but just didn't want to spend all that money on it (they retail from $298-399). Soooooooo, I sold my regular Cricut on EBAY and bought this one. I am so excited.
I feel bad for my friends and families because for now on, all gifts coming from the Zamora household, yep, they will be hand made! Suckers.

November 25, 2008

Eat Some More

Ok, so I had a blast this weekend at the Christmas party. It is always fun to stay in hotels and pretend your on vacation. What's not fun, is when you get all ready and you ask the Hubster to zip you up and the zipper to your fabulous dress breaks. And when it does breaks, he asks me if it fit!!! Whoa tiger, back up. Of course the dress fit. (before I had the bag of chips, waffle and sausage) I was in tears thinking of how I was going to miss the Formal Night and those skanky girls were going to be hanging all over my man again! Hubster suggested I drive home and get my other dress, which he didn't like and is the reason I got the new fancy black one. I am thinking, oh yeah, let me just go get the dress you didn't want me to wear in the first place. I cry even harder. Then I think, the mall is two casinos down, I will just go to Express and make them give me a new one. It was a good idea until it took me an hour to go two hotels down!! The Ellen DeGeneres Show was in town so there was so much traffic. I finally got there and then drove around for another 45 minutes looking for a spot. I want to apologize to the little old couple who I almost got out of the car and clobbered with my heel. They stole my spot that I had been waiting for so patiently, with my blinker on. I am sorry for yelling, but in my defense, age doesn't make it ok! Once I got inside I ran through the Forum Shops, pretty much knocking everyone over in my way. Remember, back at the Christmas Party, there are these girls hunting down the Hubster. I had to get back ASAP. The employees at Express were so nice and helped me get dress and get out of there very quickly. After some more traffic, I made it back to the Christmas party just in time for dinner. And the dress was a hit. People I didn't even know were coming up to me and saying how amazing I looked. (ok maybe they didn't say amazing, so what if I added that) They did love the dress though!! Hubster looked like a total hottie too. All in all, the party was a hit.

November 17, 2008

For Sure

I am wearing a dress on Saturday!!
It's Hubster's Christmas party and Saturday night is the fancy night. Normally I am not a dress person but I got a tan, lost 12 pounds and learned how to put on make up. So I guess you could say I am feeling a little cocky. Plus, Hubster picked this dress out. Good job him right? I told him he better watch out because all of his employees are going to want my number. Just kidding. The only number they are going to want is what number in line I am so they know how much longer until they get some shrimp cocktail.


So I went to the store today in search of some new yummy wine. I had to use my Sister's (she is my in-law, but in law sounds so yucky.) wine expertise to pick out some yummy wine because she is fabulous and works at a winery. She told me some brands and after 90 laps around the alcohol section, I grabbed my choice. I donn't have any wine glasses at home and thought I could just stop at a home store and grab some. Then, I remembered how bad my day had been and figured stopping at the home store would prolong my wine drinking, so I thought, Albertsons has to have a section that sells glasses. I get over to the seasonal aisle and see PLASTIC wine glasses. Sweet. Nothing tackier then that, sold. I grabbed my glass and was on my way.
Now, the things I hate most in life are, being judged and self checkout. When you have two bottles of wine and one wine glass, you have to go to self checkout or you know the cashier at the regular check will for sure judge you. Then I would be forced to tell her about my horrible day and how I swear I am not an alcoholic and bla bla blah. Then she would judge me as a crazy alcoholic who needs therapy. Not good. So, I went to self check out. I figured that I only had 3 things, how bad could it be. Well, it was going great, until the stupid computer didn't believe I was 21 and called the cashier over anyway. Now, I am being judged and I am using self checkout. What a wonderful situation. Told you my day was going good.
Right then I wanted to tell the cashier to hold on because I was for sure in need of a third bottle.

November 14, 2008

Just In Case...

You forgot how cute he is.
Don't mess with him and bananas. That was his best friend, Quinn's banana. As you can see little boy is eating it. Well Quinn, that will teach you to put it down and walk away.

Hubster = Funny?

I am so sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately. It's like my brain won't function. I even tried feeding it diet coke and cookies (it's favorite) and still nothing. I was telling Hubster the other day about my blogging funk and he told me to blog about him. I told him that I blog about him all the time! He said he meant for me to blog about his jokes and how funny he is. That's when I lost it. Hubster is so cute and a blast to be around, he is even cuter when he thinks he is funny. I am not sure where he gets his jokes, but they aren't knee slappers thats for sure.
For instance, the other morning at breakfast, I ordered a BLT. When we were done eating, I looked down and saw bread crumbs all over my shirt. No, I am not a messy eater, it's just the bread was toasted which made for a mess. I start to wipe the bread crumbs off my shirt and I say to hubster, "Man that sandwhich was crumby." He goes, "Wow, that bad huh?" Right then I look at him and get ready to say that I didn't mean it like that, and I notice he is cracking up. That's when I realized he knew what I meant, he was just cracking a joke.
So you see what I am working with?

November 11, 2008

Out Of The Closet

Ok. So the other day while discussing our Thanksgiving plans, Hubster informed me that his sister Terry and her girls would be coming to Vegas for some turkey. I thought oh nice! Then he said, "Yeah she is bringing the girls here to see The Jonas Brothers." My first thought? JEALOUS!!!!! Oh yeah, you are hearing (or reading) it here first! I am a closet Jonas Brothers fan. Now before you start laughing at me, remind yourself of the time you were driving to the grocery store and their song came on. You know you sang to it like you were competing on the last night of American Idol. It's ok though. It's something about their catchy tunes, and only their catchy tunes. Because as much I love to sing along to there obnoxious love songs, I can't stand watching them perform. Probably because I just can't watch them move around in those tight pants. When and if I do watch, the whole time, I am just staring at places I shouldn't be staring at! And not even in a perverted way, it's more of an "ouch, doesn't that hurt" way.
If you don't know what I am talking about, GOOGLE them right now! Then you will ask the same thing I ask, how do they get those pants on? Do they use Crisco or olive oil?
Wardobe aside though, I do have to admit, I like their music. Therefore, I am jealous that my sister-in-law and nieces get to go to the concert. Hubster and I are going to a USC Football game that weekend. So I will just have to make him listen to The Jonas Brothers cd all the way there!!!

November 6, 2008


So I know I am a day late, but yesterday, November 5th was my brother Matt's birthday. Since I couldn't be there with him to celebrate, I thought I would dedicate one of my obnoxious posts to him. So here is your very own post Matt!!

Here is a photo of him from his birthday last year.
Back off ladies, he has a hot wife!
Here is the best photo ever!
This year he became the 2008 National Wrestling Champion. He is a little excited. That's ok, it's his post.

Modesto, CA

This past weekend we went to California for my cousin Shelly's wedding. It was a good time and so good to see my family.
p.s. My cousin Shelly is a knockout and I feel sorry for all the bachelors out there because she is off the market.
Here are some pictures from our weekend.

Cute daddy moment. He had to let him play with the pack of gum until he fell asleep.

Hubster and I! Rare photo, since I am always the one taking the pictures.

Little Boy being charming. Like father like son.

He is so GQ.

November 5, 2008


Proud to be an American!
I don't know about all of you, but I was glued to the tv last night as I watched our nation elect it's first African American President. It was amazing and very emotional. No matter who you voted for or where you stand, I hope you were proud of that moment.