November 28, 2008


This was almost me today. I almost got up and went to Kohl's. I am lying. I did get up and go to Kohl's, but I didn't go in. Heck no, sure didn't. I pulled up to the parking lot and noticed that all the spots within 2 miles of the store were taken, so I decided I better not go in, for little boys sake of course. Anytime we are in big crowds he feels the need to sing and dance, and I didn't know how to explain to him that these people didn't want a show, they wanted a deal. So instead, we went over to Einstein Bagels, again, crazy crowds. Must have been giving out free cream cheese with every onion bagel purchased. So naturally, we skipped breakfast too. What a day!! People are nuts for sure. I ended up at Michael's, (big shocker) and there were only a few women in there, but they were running around grabbing stuff like they were competing on Super Market Sweep. (stop it, you know you remember that game show) I wanted to grab one of them by the arm and tell them to knock it off, they were making little boy sick. It wasn't like Michael's was going to run out of anything. I was buying Cricut Cartridges for $30 and every time I would grab one and put it in my cart, some crazy employee would pop up out of nowhere and replace it. Ladies they had plenty! Anyways!! To all you Black Friday Whack Jobs, I hope you got the all the deals you were looking for without ending up in the E.R.


Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

OMG you are hilarious!! I'm so glad you found me cause I was just laughing through about five of your posts!! Come back soon!!

Jamie said...

Ha, sounds like fun :-) Yeah, my husband insisted we go to the mall which is always crazy...takes 30 minutes just to get in. But we waited until lunch time and weren't really looking for deals so it wasn't too stressful (even though the three rugrats were ready to go when we got there, hehe). You are funny...thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is soo cute!

Nick & Lindsay said...

Oh Suzanne. I just love your stories. =)