November 11, 2008

Out Of The Closet

Ok. So the other day while discussing our Thanksgiving plans, Hubster informed me that his sister Terry and her girls would be coming to Vegas for some turkey. I thought oh nice! Then he said, "Yeah she is bringing the girls here to see The Jonas Brothers." My first thought? JEALOUS!!!!! Oh yeah, you are hearing (or reading) it here first! I am a closet Jonas Brothers fan. Now before you start laughing at me, remind yourself of the time you were driving to the grocery store and their song came on. You know you sang to it like you were competing on the last night of American Idol. It's ok though. It's something about their catchy tunes, and only their catchy tunes. Because as much I love to sing along to there obnoxious love songs, I can't stand watching them perform. Probably because I just can't watch them move around in those tight pants. When and if I do watch, the whole time, I am just staring at places I shouldn't be staring at! And not even in a perverted way, it's more of an "ouch, doesn't that hurt" way.
If you don't know what I am talking about, GOOGLE them right now! Then you will ask the same thing I ask, how do they get those pants on? Do they use Crisco or olive oil?
Wardobe aside though, I do have to admit, I like their music. Therefore, I am jealous that my sister-in-law and nieces get to go to the concert. Hubster and I are going to a USC Football game that weekend. So I will just have to make him listen to The Jonas Brothers cd all the way there!!!