March 31, 2009

New Tramp In Town

Um, so Dora the Explorer, grew up. I mean GREW up. She went from preschool skank, to middle school tramp overnight.
This is the only picture the creators would release right now, but give me a break. Dora the Explorer is her name, correct?? What exactly will she be exploring in this outfit?
I thought her old outfit was bad, she was always showing off her belly, but this one takes the cake.
What is her deal?
Maybe she is trying to get Handy Manny's attention. Hmmm.

March 24, 2009

Slightly Obsessed

Mrs L., over at Caddywumpus (one of my FAVORITE blogs) is having a contest.
She is giving away this cute necklace.
Go visit her and check the place out.
Make sure you leave a comment, so when she picks a winner, it could be you.
I won't lie, I am hoping you don't get picked. I want to get picked!

Nobody Likes Me!

So why don't you go eat some worms and quit crying!?!?
I love The Biggest Loser. And I mean LOVE. I do jumping jacks during the commercials and I cry when the contestants cry. However, Tara!! She has been dominating the competition since day one. So on tonight's episode, people targeted her to lose the challenge. What does she do? Whine and cry about how it doesn't feel good to be picked on. Ok, you're right about that Tara. Then, she storms off, won't talk to anyone but her partner, Laura, and she is crying. Not only is she crying, she is saying she wants to quit. EXCUSE ME?? Quit? You have been given an amazing opportunity and just because the kids on the playground are picking on you, because they are jealous of you, you're going to quit??? I am disgusted just thinking about it. Of course, it was all for show and her partner talks her out of it and pumps her up and convinces her to stay. But what a brat right? What a whiny brat!
Everyone knows my motto is, "No one likes a whiner!"

March 16, 2009

I Will Share Something With You

As long as you don't tell the Hubster!!
Look at how cute he is in this headband I made?
He is totally rocking it too. He knew he looked fab in it.
Notice that it matches his shirt? I SWEAR that was not on purpose. Hubster bought him that Harley shirt a couple weeks ago and he just happened to be wearing it that night. As I was uploading the pictures, I fell out of my chair laughing. I love that he matches even when he doesn't mean to. I have said it before and I will say it again, he is so GQ, a serious style icon.

He didn't want to take it off.
Here he is doing something manly, moving stuff, but he was still sporting the flower.
People would look at this and think, "that lady needs a little girl," but I say, heck no. It's way more fun trying this stuff on Little Boy.

March 12, 2009


9 Wineries people! NINE!! That's how many my sister-in-law and I visited on Saturday. It was nothing short of awesome. We got to taste so many different types of wine, we also tasted different types of olive oil (so yummy) and vinegars! Crazy right? The olive oils and vinegars were soooo yummy. I can't wait to order some and have them in my house at all times. Another crazy thing I learned, they have WINE CLUBS. Not a joke. You join the club, and they send you bottles of wine a couple times of year. Um, sign me up please!

This was the amazing scenery we got to look at while we on our adventure.

Our goal was to take a picture at every winery, well at this winery, we forgot. So, we parked by the sign and decided to take a self shot. Well, after about 4 bad shots by me, Brooke managed to get us and the name in the pic! Good job!

Here is Brooke enjoying some of the goods.
Look at those cheekbones!

I almost got killed taking this picture, but it was worth it!
How cool is that sign?
Don't mind that I am standing like a man. I am NOT photogenic.

This was one of the last wineries, obviously. They had all these crazy wigs so Brooke and I thought "what better time for a MONTAGE!!"

Well, this past weekend was a blast. We had more fun then two people should be allowed to have. I can't wait to go back. I am pretty sure it's going to be a once a year thing. Wait, once a year is way too long, lets go with TWICE a year! How about it Brooke?

Ok ok ok, settle down! We can do it 3 times a year!

March 11, 2009

Help Smells Clean

I just found about this program that I now LOVE.
It's a very cool organization that provides laundry services to victims of natural disasters. How sweet is that? And by sweet, I mean awesome!

It started with Hurricane Katrina. Tide traveled to Metairie, LA with tons of washers and dryers and cleaned over 10,000 loads of laundry. It was such a success and that Tide has kept it going.

They have a truck and a van, which means that they can travel anywhere there is a natural disaster and start making everyone smell good, one load at a time! Wait, more like 32 loads at a time! The truck has 32 HE washer and dryers which will allow them to do 300 loads a day!

Of course, they can use all the help they can get, so they have made these sweet looking t-shirts that you can purchase here.

Go check them out and buy one! You will look cute wearing it and you will help someone have clean undies!

March 10, 2009

Want To Get Fat?

Ok, so remember when I got this?
Yep, I got it for Christmas. Well, it has been sitting so on my counter looking so pretty ever since. I have YET to use it! Crazy right? Well, it scares me. Scares me big time. I LOVE to bake and make yummy stuff, but I don't like to eat the stuff I bake. I am lying. I love to eat the stuff I bake. That's the problem. I am a huge believer in the Lay's Potato Chips saying, "you can't eat just one." I can't! Whatever I make, I have to eat half of it. Some would call that crazy, I would call it Quality Control. I care about the goodies I put into my boys bellies. =)
We all know Weight Watchers and baked goods don't go hand in hand. So my question to all of you is, want to get fat? I am kidding, of course you don't! But I need people to give my goodies too. I am dying to get in there and do some baking. I need volunteers. So please, if you care about my weight loss success, you will step up and say "Please send me goodies!"
p.s. Lacey I know you and your crazy coworkers are reading this, say the word and I will bring you LOADS of baked yummys. SAY IT!!

Lock Up Your Daughters

How cute is this?
The funny thing is, he knows he is good looking. He loves the mirror and loves when I take pictures of him. Every time I take pictures of him, he runs over to me and demands to look at the camera screen to see how the photo looks! What a freak right?
This was later while we were at the doctor.
He knew he was looking good in his fancy size 6 diapers, but he thought something was missing. So he decided he would model my sunglasses. He loved them and he kept checking himself out on the stainless steel trash can.

Anyways!! We go in next Thursday for him to have an Upper GI done. They will take a biopsy of his esophagus and then hopefully be able to tell us what is wrong with him. Our doctor thinks it is some sort of allergy or a slight chance of Acid Reflux. They are leaning more towards the allergy, so then they will get him tested to find out what the allergy is!
I will keep you all posted.

March 4, 2009

It's Not You, It's Me. No, It Is You.

Does anyone else find these two a little odd? Alex and Simon from Real Housewives of NY City.

When I watch these two, I get the feeling. You know, the fingers down the chalkboard feeling. They just creep me out, big time. Someone needs to let this man know that it is 2009 and being gay is ok!! (well in my book it is) Why he is pretending to be straight, blows my mind.

It's like the Steven guy from Real World Seattle that slapped Irene because she called him gay. Now, guess who has come out and said he is in fact gay? Mmm hmmm, STEVEN!! Someone should slap him.

Simon should just come out with it, because in 2 years from now, he will announce it and we will all be like, yeah, we know, thanks for the update. I am sorry, but what man loves massages, girls nights out, wearing a speedo and moans when he finds the most amazing outfit for his wife? Not mine.

Now these two aren't the only two that drive me nuts. All the women have there, "oh no she didn't" moments, but the Countess, she tops them all.

This lady is so SNOBBY it kills me. My favorite thing about her, is that she FREAKS out if people don't address her properly or if they introduce her wrong. Who does she think she is? Oh that's right, she is the Countess. So what. I am the Hubster's baby's mama.

Seriously I could go on and on about this show. People would say, why do you watch it and I respond with, I love a good train wreck!

March 2, 2009

Hold Onto Your Daddies Girls

I coming to the Central Coast!!
(kidding. If you watch OC Housewives, you get it, if not, you probably just think I am a sick, sick person.)
I am so excited because this weekend is a GIRLS weekend. I have yet to get away without Little Boy or Hubster, and this Friday is the GLORIOUS day. Ok, that sounded bad, like I am breaking out of prison. I don't mean it like that, I love my boys like fat kids love cake, I am just excited to enjoy some "me" time.
I got that quote from the Hubster. His New Years resolution was more"me" time for himself. I know, try not to choke while you laugh, it is hilarious isn't it?
Anyways. This weekend is all about having fun and not worrying about diapers or laundry.
I am going to see her

I will be getting there Friday afternoon. Just in time to enjoy the Friday night life. My crazy sister in law and I will be hitting up some bars in downtown San Luis Obispo and doing a little of this
Then on Saturday we will be tasting this!! I have never been wine tasting so this will for sure be an adventure. It will also be interesting because I am not a wino. I like the fruity wines, but that's about it. Also, I love to ice my wine. Do you think they will care if I add ice to my glass? Classy, I know. In case you forgot, classy is my middle name!
By the way, what do you wear wine tasting? Probably something chic right? People that drink wine always look so chic. Except for maybe the ones that drink wine from a box. I have heard from a few wine friends of mine that wine from a box is a no-no. Of course, they told me that AFTER I told them that I liked a certain kind of wine from a box. Oops. So knowing that, I probably should go shopping for a chic outfit.

Hubster will love that idea.