March 31, 2009

New Tramp In Town

Um, so Dora the Explorer, grew up. I mean GREW up. She went from preschool skank, to middle school tramp overnight.
This is the only picture the creators would release right now, but give me a break. Dora the Explorer is her name, correct?? What exactly will she be exploring in this outfit?
I thought her old outfit was bad, she was always showing off her belly, but this one takes the cake.
What is her deal?
Maybe she is trying to get Handy Manny's attention. Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

They had a picture on MSN's website the other day and I couldn't believe the transformation she will be going through. She looks NOTHING like her! Ellie is going to have no clue who she is!!

Gini said...

I thought I heard that so much controversy came to this that they pulled the plug on it?? I could be wrong. Did they have to screw with Dora - I mean, come on!

Unknown said...

Dad and I saw the skanky Dora on some TV show and thought maybe she was going to start exploring the red light district.