April 10, 2008

So fast

My baby is getting big, so so so so fast!!! I know people always tell you, "enjoy this time because they get big quick," but you always just say, "yeah yeah yeah." But it's true!! The past 6 months have flown by. I have loved every minute of it though. It is a miracle to witness someone come in to this world and learn new things every day. I remember when he could barely focus his eyes, now he turns his head to follow his daddy and I around the room. He doesn't want to sleep cradled in my arms anymore! =( When he is in our arms, he would rather be perched up and looking around. He doesn't want to miss a thing. Bath time has become fun now. He loves to kick his feet and splash around. He just cracks himself up, and of course Manny and I laugh every time we give him a bath. He is our little comedian. It is just amazing to watch them grow and discover the world around them. We bought Zachary a little jumper saucer thingy on SuperBowl weekend and he wanteed NOTHING to do with it. He would cry everytime we put him in it. Now, he will play in it for an hour. He loves to bounce up and down and play all the music on it. I could sit and watch him play in that forever. It is so much fun.

Zachs New Ride

Soooooo, Manny thought it would be fun to go out and get Zachary a trailor to hook up to the bike. I thought this was so cute and was excited to help him pick one out. We go to Target and see the different options, of course Manny has to get the name brand one. "Only the best for our kid," as he always says. We get it home and he puts it together and it's so cute. I am not sure how that is cute, but it was just cute to see him as such a proud dad. He was so excited to get the trailor hooked up and take Zachary for a ride. As he was putting it together, we saw another dad ride by with his two kids in the back. So, Manny had to go for a ride right then. The age group on the box says they have to be one year old, but that didn't stop him. Me being mom, was a little worried so I of course was yelling down the street for him to go slow. As you can see from the pictures, Zachary didn't fit in the straps at all. He was just kind of lying in there. But he loved it. That kid loves being outdoors and loves feeling the wind his face. I think this will be the perfect daddy/baby activity.