January 28, 2011

He Has What?!?!

Ok, so I have had 2 babies, at two different hospitals and both were NICU babies. Both NICU's had STRICT privacy policies. For example, when the doctors were making their rounds, no parents could be in the NICU. And if your baby was finally going to town on breastfeeding, after 3 days of trying to get her to latch on, well too bad, you still had to leave the NICU. All this is to prevent people from hearing other peoples information. OK. Makes sense.

But then can someone please explain this nonsense?
I recently had a friend in the hospital. And he had a roommate. A roommate. Really? My friend and his girlfriend knew when the roommate pee'd, poo'd, ate, had his last dose of antibiotics and if the nasty rash was looking better. Gross.
I will never understand some things in life.

January 7, 2011

Well Well Well

Look who it is!! Who would have thought, that adding one more little nugget to the family would throw my whole life/routine upside down?!?! I tell you what, this little girl has come into our family like a tornado.
She has had colic, now has food allergies and is currently overcoming RSV or something like it. Of course we wouldn't trade her sassy self for anything, I am just giving all of you an amazing excuse for my absence.
Some days, you're lucky I shower, let alone blog.
Right now, she still wakes up at least once a night and since she has RSV, I have to wake up every 2 hours (don't rub your eyes, you read that right) to give her breathing treatments.
Needless to say, we have stocked up on Captain Morgan. That reminds me, I need a refill.

December 7, 2010

Dylan McKay

Eat your heart out ladies!! I met Dylan. And I loved every minute of it.

November 24, 2010

Friendly Feel Up

So we are off to Chicago for the holiday. I can't wait to go through security. I have no problem going through the scanner because it's been 3 months since I have had Izzy and I look amazing!!
Just kidding.
Ok in all honesty, I am a little nervous about the complementary ass grab. I guess I am mostly nervous about them discovering that I am wearing Spanx. Once they discover that, there goes my, "I just naturally look this good 3 months postpartum," act. Crap.
But I do know people are worried and feel violated, but what other security measures are left to take? And honestly, if they don't do these "friendly feel ups" and some bad mamajama makes it on the plane, you just know the public will say TSA didn't do enough. These poor people molesters are damned if they do and damned if they don't. I kind of feel sorry for them. Can you imagine having their job? What if that greasy guy, 4 people back, who smells like B.O. and his hair looks like gremlins are living it, is the next RANDOM person to step on up and get the TSA Friendly Feel Up? I am pretty sure that would be enough to make me walk off the job. So just when you think you have it bad, remember that. Gross.

October 29, 2010

Not A TwiHeart.

Listen here, I am not a Twilight fan. I have never seen the movies or read the books. We picked little girl's name simply because we love the name Isabella. That name was popular way before all this silly vampire love. I am so tired of people telling me I must be a Twilight fan because of her name. You've read it here, I am not. Also, we decided instead of calling her Bella, we are going with Izzy. Why? Because look at her, she looks like an Izzy. And because everyone with the name Isabella, goes by Bella. We are trying to be a little different. Just a little. Thanks.

Here is sweet Izzy girl in her cute little Juicy outfit. :)

October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubster

Today is the old man's birthday. Last week we threw him a surprise party.
He was VERY surprised to say the least.

Yes, those are palm trees on his shirt. He's old, we've been over this. :)

Seriously though, I love the man like crazy. He is the best husband a girl could ask for and the greatest daddy to our kids.

Did I tell you all that he cleaned the WHOLE house while I was in the hospital having the little girl? He even shampooed the carpets and wiped down the baseboards. He's amazing, I am telling you. Of course, I'd love him even if he didn't do that, it just makes it 10 times better that he does things like that for me.

I got a good one ladies!

Happy Birthday Babe!

October 4, 2010

Liquid Gold

This stuff is nuts! When you pay for this stuff, you feel like you've been robbed and violated. It's $196 for a case of six 14oz cans. 14 ounce cans people!!! That's robbery for sure.
Since we've brought the little girl home she has had the thickest/foamiest (is that a word?) saliva. It's so thick she chokes on it at least 156 times a day. It's awful. Plus she cries. A lot. A whole lot. It's amazing. So finally today was her check up and I was 2 seconds into my "poor me my baby cries too much" speech when my doctor brought in two cans of this stuff. Then he said, so where does little girl get her food allergies from? Ok, I know I have had allergies, but I don't break out or get sick or anything so I have always ignored them. Well I guess my wheat/gluten allergy refuses to be ignored because now it's causing little girl to hate her life. So my doctor gave me two choices.
Choice 1 = Change my diet DRASTICALLY and wipe out wheat, gluten and dairy
Choice 2 = Eat Top Romen for the next 11 months so we can afford to spend $600 a month on the queen's formula.
Guess which on the Hubster wants? You guessed it, he said to lay off the bread crumbs. Not only will it stop little girl from crying all day but it will also make me look like that Britney Spears photo a few posts down.
So for the next 4 days I am to start my new diet and pump and dump all my milk. Sick right? My first pumping session, I dumped 9oz of breast milk. That's ONE feeding. I am pumping every 3 hours, can you imagine how much milk is going to waste? Not to mention all the supply I have in the freezer that now has to be thrown out. Ugghh I should have known. My first baby was sweet and perfect. He never cried, slept through the night at 6 weeks and was just an angel baby. And then there is little girl. Who of course is just as sweet as can be, she is just so high maintenance. And sassy. And cranky. And needy. And addicted to her mommy. I could go on and on and on. But since we love her to pieces we decided we wouldn't hold this against her.
Wish me luck on this new diet/lifestyle change. Have I mentioned how much I love carbs covered in cheese? Like I said, wish me luck.

September 16, 2010

I'm Back and I'm Crabby

A good crabby though. I have a new sweet little girl to love on, plus little boy is still cracking me up (and driving me insane) every day! I have been MIA lately trying to get into a routine. I just FINALLY uploaded the pictures from her birth. So Enjoy. And don't judge, I was not a huge swollen hippo before the surgery, but apparently all the fluids and meds they gave me during the c-section made me look like I swallowed the whole pacific ocean.
Little Boy and I right after the surgery. This was BEFORE I got super sick.

Hubster and I once I was in my post partum room. I was feeling good again, but shortly after this photo, I was sick again. It made for an amazing day......

My sweet baby on CPAP. She didn't make a peep at birth. Pretty much the worst feeling ever. Don't worry though, she cries enough now to make up for it.

She was finally off of oxgen and the IV so we got to dress her. She was still in the NICU since her heart rate wasn't stable.

Ta Da!! It's go time folks, Little Girl broke free and came home.

Stay tuned, more pictures to come, including Little Boy's first time meeting Little Girl.

September 4, 2010


Isabella Suzanne!!
She was born on August 25, 2010 at 8:12am. Weighing in at 7lbs 2oz. She had a rough start but now she is home and is as sweet as ever.
More pictures to come.........

August 24, 2010

D Day

Tomorrow is the big day. 7:30am to be exact. I will no longer be pregnant and I will have a cute little nugget to love on.
Also, my body will be back to this.....

No I am kidding. It will take at least 2 weeks to look like that again. Ok I am kidding again. Whatever.