January 28, 2009

Easter Bunny

Will someone PLEASE tell the Easter Bunny to bring me a Wii? Maybe he could throw in a Wii fit too? (is the Easter bunny a he?) I really really want a Wii, the Hubster, not so much. He has zero desire for a Wii. I even told him how much fun he will have laughing at me while I play the Wii, and he still said no. He did say that he already laughs at me and he doesn't need anything to help with that. What? Why can't Mama have a Wii? I think I am the only American without one. Ok, probably not, but that's how it feels. My parents even have one!! I know, it shocked me too. Not fair. I know I could just go to the gym to work out, but I hate the gym. I hate the 25min drive and I hate watching little boy cry when I have to put him in the gym daycare. So my cry out is to the Easter Bunny. He is my last hope until Santa comes back. Since I am on weight watchers, please don't bring me peeps or those little marshmallow bunnies. I really just want a Wii. Please!! I don't have grass or bushes to hide the Wii in, but you could hide it under the massive pile of rocks in my front yard. I will promise to look around every where and act like I am looking for chocolate. Then, WHAM!! I will find the Wii and I will jump up and down and scream with excitement. PAALLEASE!!
Mom, I know you are reading this, if you really wanted to let me borrow your Wii to lose some more LBs, I will make you cookies.

January 27, 2009

Move Over Fabio

A couple weeks ago, I had my friend Ashley do a little photo shoot with Zachary. These are some of the photos. He is a future model right??
p.s. Ashley's photo website is www.bellesandbeausphotography.blogspot.com

January 23, 2009

Silly Lady

OK I am sure you can't read the fine print, but basically, a lady wrote in to a newspaper asking why her friends with kids never have time. She writes that she thinks stay at home moms use having kids as an excuse to relax and be lazy. She also writes that she is confused because she feels she does all the same errands and works 40hrs a week and still has time to make phone calls, lunch dates and return an email, but her friends with kids don't.
People like this lady KILL ME!!!!
I had someone tell me the other day that stay at home mom's have it made. And that he (yes it was a he, go figure right?) didn't understand how some mom's complain about not being able to get all the chores done and not being able to shower and get themselves ready for the day! I know what you are thinking and no I did not punch him in his throat. I wanted to, but I am working on my people skills. Instead, I just laughed at him. I told him we could do one of those Freaky Friday experiments and switch places for a day. Of course he griped and said no way because I know how to be a mom and he doesn't. Um.....I am sorry, I didn't give birth to a baby and a how to manual. It was called on the job training baby!!
As far as this lady writing in and saying we stay at home mom's are lazy and just want to relax? I would LOVE to have time to be lazy and relax. She needs to remember that when she is running those errands and doing all those things she says she does just like us, that she is not hauling kids around with her!! Would someone please give her one of the plastic babies that we had to carry around in high school? Maybe that will help with her confusion.
So the next time someone gripes or complains and says, "must be nice," remember this, you get to clock out!! Me, I am still waiting for Hubster to install my time clock.

January 21, 2009

Ok, Ok

After a brief lapse in judgement, I am back. My ad's are back up and I am back feeling the blogger love.
So, WHAT A DAY YESTERDAY RIGHT??? Little boy and I were glued to the TV all day. OK, not all day, he forced me to turn it to the Backyardigans at 1:00. Other then that, we watched all the coverage. I have to say, it was pretty gosh darn amazing. You know what else is amazing?

That's funny and you know it. I like that we spiced up the history books. Now lets see if this guy can fix our mess!! As for me, I have to go fix the mess that little boy is making as I write this.

January 15, 2009

Just In Case

You thought I was kidding about the crackers.

Yes, the Backyardigans are on again. Ahhhh gotta love it.

January 14, 2009

Animal Crackers

These are like crack to Little Boy. If he even gets a glimpse of me taking them out of the pantry, he goes nuts. He starts dancing around in circles and making crazy fake laugh noises. It's great. But what is even greater, is watching him eat them. He is a machine.

He is about to shove them in his mouth. He has two in his hand, but what you can't see is that he has 5 already in his mouth.
The Backyardigans are on, that's why he won't give us his full attention.

Here is the shoving.
He can't even close his mouth. I know where he gets this from. Me. You should see me when I get around Gold Fish Crackers. I pretty much shove in 20 at a time. So seeing him do this, kind of makes me feel like a proud mom.
I started to think, ok, I already know I am not getting mother of the year, but do I really want child services calling? So I decided I had better stop him from shoving them in his mouth 5 at a time. Look at that face.
Ok I give in. Shove away little boy, shove away.

And now he is doing the happy dance.

Don't judge, we can all relate. We all have that one food that makes us go CRAZY for it.

January 6, 2009

Letter To The Boss

Dear Little Boy, I have suddenly come down with the flu. If you don't mind, I am going to call in sick for work tomorrow. You know where the sippy cups and milk are, please help yourself. Also, now would be a good time for you to start going potty on the toilet, since I will not be at work to change your diapers. I have turned off all the volume on your toys, for obvious reasons. The Backyardigans will be on at 10am and 1pm. You also have a nap scheduled at 11:30, don't be late, you know how you get. Yes, just like that. Also, if that nap doesn't go as planned, I have scheduled another one for you at 3:30. Please have a great day and I will see you on Thursday.
The Mom
p.s. stay away from the animal crackers.

Back To Work

So the holidays are over and that means that the Hubster is back to work full time again. That means, traveling again. It is a bummer because we miss him, but we are grateful for all the hard work he does to allow little boy and I to stay home and watch the Backyardigans ALL DAY LONG!! (I say that with excitement, I swear!) So what does a poor lonely mom do while her husbster is away?


Love this show. Shut up, I don't want to hear how fake or self centered they are. I love them. Hubster loves them too. Don't let him lie and say this show isn't his guilty pleasure.

Oh yes, this amazing show starts tonight! Just the motivation I need to drop some more poundage. Oh and the flu I am coming down with right now too might help. Lovely I know.

January 13.......is when this bad boy premiers. Who can pass up a night of pretzel crisps and crazy bad singers? I love it. I also love it when the Hubster is in the other room pretending like he isn't listening to or watching "THIS GARBAGE" (that's what he calls it) but then he is always like, "Eeessshh she was horrible," or "Wow, she was good!" It's addicting and I am ok with that.

Another embarrassing addiction, The Real World. I have been hooked since day one. No joke. It is getting annoying, because now they only cast VERY HOT people, there is always one gay one, one sheltered poor little soul and always an ethnic person. I know! But I am still addicted. It premiers tomorrow and I can't wait!!!

I could keep going with this list, but I won't bore you. I will leave the shows on my tivo where they belong. I also promise that I only watch these after little boy goes to bed. Before bed time, my tv only picks up disney or nick jr. Sad right? Very, but at the same time, if there is ever a reality show for moms who sing theme songs to preschool shows, I am totally there.