January 14, 2009

Animal Crackers

These are like crack to Little Boy. If he even gets a glimpse of me taking them out of the pantry, he goes nuts. He starts dancing around in circles and making crazy fake laugh noises. It's great. But what is even greater, is watching him eat them. He is a machine.

He is about to shove them in his mouth. He has two in his hand, but what you can't see is that he has 5 already in his mouth.
The Backyardigans are on, that's why he won't give us his full attention.

Here is the shoving.
He can't even close his mouth. I know where he gets this from. Me. You should see me when I get around Gold Fish Crackers. I pretty much shove in 20 at a time. So seeing him do this, kind of makes me feel like a proud mom.
I started to think, ok, I already know I am not getting mother of the year, but do I really want child services calling? So I decided I had better stop him from shoving them in his mouth 5 at a time. Look at that face.
Ok I give in. Shove away little boy, shove away.

And now he is doing the happy dance.

Don't judge, we can all relate. We all have that one food that makes us go CRAZY for it.


becky s said...

haha! My little guy does the happy dance when we give him animal crackers, too. And chickadees from Target (a little crisper than goldfish, but tasty).

MOMMY-MOMO said...

ha! My guy does the same thing! Im scared he's gonna choke!

Elie said...

Oh my, my son STILL does this with goldfish crackers! For a year now, people freak when they see him do it and we're all -- he's cool. Just let him fill his mouth! He's so cute!!

Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Sorry, I was signed in under my sister's account...that last comment was me. :) :)