January 23, 2009

Silly Lady

OK I am sure you can't read the fine print, but basically, a lady wrote in to a newspaper asking why her friends with kids never have time. She writes that she thinks stay at home moms use having kids as an excuse to relax and be lazy. She also writes that she is confused because she feels she does all the same errands and works 40hrs a week and still has time to make phone calls, lunch dates and return an email, but her friends with kids don't.
People like this lady KILL ME!!!!
I had someone tell me the other day that stay at home mom's have it made. And that he (yes it was a he, go figure right?) didn't understand how some mom's complain about not being able to get all the chores done and not being able to shower and get themselves ready for the day! I know what you are thinking and no I did not punch him in his throat. I wanted to, but I am working on my people skills. Instead, I just laughed at him. I told him we could do one of those Freaky Friday experiments and switch places for a day. Of course he griped and said no way because I know how to be a mom and he doesn't. Um.....I am sorry, I didn't give birth to a baby and a how to manual. It was called on the job training baby!!
As far as this lady writing in and saying we stay at home mom's are lazy and just want to relax? I would LOVE to have time to be lazy and relax. She needs to remember that when she is running those errands and doing all those things she says she does just like us, that she is not hauling kids around with her!! Would someone please give her one of the plastic babies that we had to carry around in high school? Maybe that will help with her confusion.
So the next time someone gripes or complains and says, "must be nice," remember this, you get to clock out!! Me, I am still waiting for Hubster to install my time clock.


Anonymous said...

Oh SNAP! I love her reply at the end :: "Either make a sincere effort to understand, or keep your snit to yourself."

Honestly Suzanne, what do you do all day anyway? Must be nice.... :)

People without kids have NO frickin' clue

Bre said...

That is infuriating. I'm so mad I can't even type anything else! LOL.

Ashley said...

i knew you would like that email!! pisses you off huh! pissed me off!