February 28, 2010

12 Week Bump

I know I am behind, but just deal with it ok? When you see my ginormous belly at only 12 weeks, you will feel sorry for me. At least I hope.

Really?!?! Look at that thing. I am barely 3 months and I look like I am in my 6th month. WTH?!?!
It's even worse after I eat.

This week we are off to Florida for a little Mommy and Daddy R&R. When we get back, we have our OB visit and our Perinatologist visit. Keep your fingers crossed that the Perinatologist will be able to see the sex. I know it's "early" but the private parts will be there and in place, it's just a matter of can we see them.

Oh and p.s. my pants are buttoned in this picture! Ever since the belly moved up, I can button them again. Amen.

February 21, 2010

Mama, What's This?

That is what my son is saying all the time now. To everything. "What's this? What's that?"
It wasn't until recently that this question freaked me out. I hear Little Boy say, "Mama, what's this?" So I look and he has his diaper half off and his little friend in his hand. Let's just say, I was horrified. Now, I am not a prude or proper by any means, I was just horrified because I didn't expect that! I was a dork and told him that was his peepee. He looks at me and says, "ooohhh." End of discussion right? Kind of. By kind of, I mean, we no longer discuss it, but he is still obsessed with checking it out.
What is with guys and this obsession?? And why does it start at age 2? Sickos.

February 16, 2010

Love At First Sight

This ladies and gentlemen, is my diaper bag. Ahhhhh isn't she lovely? I know it's girlie and I know I am having a boy, but who cares! Diaper bags become the woman's purse. So shouldn't it reflect the woman? Not the baby? That's my theory and I am sticking to it.
I get to pick it up on Thursday and I can't wait!

February 8, 2010

8 Week Bump

I know I am a little behind since I am now getting ready to take the 10 week bump shots.
Just deal with it, ok?
This pregnancy I am going to try and take a picture every two weeks to watch the belly grow. Last pregnancy I was huge and miserably swollen, so I threatened peoples lives if they came around me with a camera. It wasn't all my fault though, I had preeclampsia and toxemia which caused me to gain an extra 75lbs, on top of the normal 35 lbs you are supposed to gain.
Did you just gasp? It's ok, I was a whale.
This time though, I am exercising more and watching what I eat a little closer. So although my bump is growing, my weight isn't yet! Which makes mama happy. If I can make it through my first trimester with out a weight gain, which is what my doctor wants, I will be so happy!!
Here is the bump at 8 weeks.
Not too big, but definitely there. My pants are unbuttoned in this picture, which is kind of bitter sweet for me. I worked by butt off to lose a bunch of weight and get "super" skinny. So it's sad to see my weight loss journey stop, but exciting to have a baby in there.
Sorry my face is cut off. I guess the Hubster felt that I wasn't camera ready. :)
When I take more this weekend, I will get a whole body shot going.

February 4, 2010

Just Call Me A Cougar

I am not into the school boy look. I swear. At least I thought I wasn't. Until I watched The Ellen Show the other day. All I could say was, yummy. Then I slapped my mouth in shock since I am pretty sure he is still in Junior High.

When did this little Jonas Nugget get so stinking cute? When they first came out I wasn't the least bit interested. I guess you could say that those tight jeans just didn't do it for me. But maybe it's the pregnancy because now, I am smitten. I didn't want him to go off the screen. Sick right? It's ok, you can agree. I should be arrested.

He is smirking at me. I know it.