February 8, 2010

8 Week Bump

I know I am a little behind since I am now getting ready to take the 10 week bump shots.
Just deal with it, ok?
This pregnancy I am going to try and take a picture every two weeks to watch the belly grow. Last pregnancy I was huge and miserably swollen, so I threatened peoples lives if they came around me with a camera. It wasn't all my fault though, I had preeclampsia and toxemia which caused me to gain an extra 75lbs, on top of the normal 35 lbs you are supposed to gain.
Did you just gasp? It's ok, I was a whale.
This time though, I am exercising more and watching what I eat a little closer. So although my bump is growing, my weight isn't yet! Which makes mama happy. If I can make it through my first trimester with out a weight gain, which is what my doctor wants, I will be so happy!!
Here is the bump at 8 weeks.
Not too big, but definitely there. My pants are unbuttoned in this picture, which is kind of bitter sweet for me. I worked by butt off to lose a bunch of weight and get "super" skinny. So it's sad to see my weight loss journey stop, but exciting to have a baby in there.
Sorry my face is cut off. I guess the Hubster felt that I wasn't camera ready. :)
When I take more this weekend, I will get a whole body shot going.


Danielle said...

So Cute!!!!

Jessica said...

So cute. Congratulations!