February 28, 2010

12 Week Bump

I know I am behind, but just deal with it ok? When you see my ginormous belly at only 12 weeks, you will feel sorry for me. At least I hope.

Really?!?! Look at that thing. I am barely 3 months and I look like I am in my 6th month. WTH?!?!
It's even worse after I eat.

This week we are off to Florida for a little Mommy and Daddy R&R. When we get back, we have our OB visit and our Perinatologist visit. Keep your fingers crossed that the Perinatologist will be able to see the sex. I know it's "early" but the private parts will be there and in place, it's just a matter of can we see them.

Oh and p.s. my pants are buttoned in this picture! Ever since the belly moved up, I can button them again. Amen.


Jessica said...

Absolutely beautiful! I remember feeling the very same way... it's your second baby, that's pretty normal :) But I still feel for you!

Looking forward to keeping up with you more!

Christy said...

You're glowing! Hope your time away is refreshing.

The JRG Foundation said...

How cute are YOU????