March 7, 2010

I'm In Miami.......

Ok, you know how that song goes! I felt like singing it while skipping down the streets of South Beach. This place was amazing! Of course, it helped that the Hubster let me hunt down the "Dash Miami" store and check it out. Once I found it, I was expecting to just go in and look around and then leave. Yeah, it didn't go like that at all. It just so happens that the Kardashian girls were in town and filming! So in order to go into the store, I had to sign a film release and wait in line. Because the store is so small, they were only letting around 8-10 people in at a time which is what caused the line. If too many people were in there, it would make it harder to film. Ok, so now that you have the details, on to the goodies.
While I was in there, I got to snap a few pictures. So here they are.....just for you.

The line out front.

TaDa!! Dash Miami Baybee!!

This was REAL LIFE paparazzi!! At first, I thought he was just a total creeper. He started asking me if I was a fan and did I watch their show. I was just saying, "yeah yeah," and then all of a sudden, he pops out this huge camera and starts showing us pictures he got of the Kardashian girls! How crazy right? The pictures he had were amazing....even the Hubster was amazed. I can't wait to see if they end up in a magazine.

Once in the store, there was a film crew setting up. I totally took this picture before the guy could realize what I was doing. Sneaky!

Here is a photo I found on the internet of the girls in the store, at the counter.

This is my photo!! I was standing right there. I didn't get the whole counter, because I wasn't even sure if I could take photos, so I didn't want to get the employees in the shot.

I also found this photo on the internet. Obviously it's Kourtney and she's sitting in the chair at DASH. By the way, this photo was taken 2 days before I was there.

Here is me sitting in that same chair!! Love it.
So by now I am sure you are DYING to know if I got to meet the girls. Ok, at least humor me and act like you're dying to know. :) While I was in there, the producer comes out and announces that they are about to start filming. This is where I about died. The whole time I was in the store, I hadn't seen one freaking Kardashian. But hearing that they were going to start filming made me so excited. That obviously meant that the girls were coming out. Also, at that point, one of the producers said that we couldn't take anymore photos or ask for autographs. OMG I was about to die. (yes, I just used OMG.) By now, the employees have been mic'd and there are two camera guys and one guy holding the long microphone........and I am still waiting. All of a freaking sudden, here comes Kourtney Kardashian!!! I tried not to get all giddy like a little kid. It was hard though, I love her. Seriously though, she came out, did something with the computer, talked to her employees about one of them having food in her teeth, then went back into the back room. And that was it. That was all! Crazy right? But the crew stayed out in the store and filmed a couple of the employees being silly with customers. It was all just so surreal.

So there you have it, my run in with the Kardashians.

Just another thing I can cross off my bucket list. Kidding.


Rob and Amy said...

NICE!!!!!!!!! And you are looking fantastic!!!!!!!!!