March 12, 2010

It All Makes Sense Now

I now understand why women should wait to have babies until they are married. Sure, some might say because that's what's right and what the bible says. However, I say that it's because when you are LEGALLY tied to someone, it's a lot harder for them to leave you. Why would they leave you? Because you are a hormonal beast!! At least I am. Every night around 7pm, I turn into pregzilla. It's bad and I feel horrible for the Hubster. Seriously, one minute I am frustrated with him for not hanging out with me, the next minute I am telling him I want to be alone and just nap. Then the next minute, I am telling him I can't sleep and that I am hungry. Then when he brings me the food, I am passed out and now I am pissed that he woke me up to give me the food. See? Poor sucker just can't win. My favorite though and I am sure it's his favorite too, is when I apologize for being like that and say it's just that I am so emotional and I can't control it. He then of course hugs me and says it's ok because he understands my situation. Oh crap, here comes the rage again. "MY SITUATION?!?!" When did this become just MY situation?!?
And it starts all over again.
So again, I think it's very important for us women to marry our men BEFORE we show them our crazy hormonal pregnant side. And during the pregnancy, you just have to hope that your man will constantly remind himself of that amazing women he married.
Haha little do they know that the post baby blues are worse!


Anonymous said...

Just laughed OUT LOUD while reading this because this is me still! I try to blame my hormones but I don't know how long that is going to continue seeing as though Mirena has totally f'ed up my cycle... ugh...

Rob and Amy said...