March 8, 2010


We are missing this guy in a bad way!! We took a little week vacation to ourselves, just to get away and enjoy some couple time before we become a family of four. Of course we are having a blast, but man, we are missing the MESS out of Little Boy. Every time we call him, he gets sad and whines for us to come home. Talk about breaking my heart. Sunday night after I hung up with him, I lost it. We were driving back to the hotel and I just cried. I felt so bad for leaving him. He has no concept of time so who knows if he even understands that Mommy and Daddy are coming back. Ahhhh my poor little baby boy!! Now, I know he's fine and I know it's good for us to get out as adults, but it doesn't make it any easier. The Hubster and I decided that it will be awhile before we run off for 6 days alone again. I just don't think I can handle anymore sad phone calls from little boy.