February 25, 2009

Nice Picture

Hubster got me this

Isn't she pretty? He even let me get PINK!! Don't get me wrong, he asked the guy if they had any other color, but bummer, they didn't!! So this little mama has a new pink camera. It's so much fun and little. I love it because now I can take it out on date nights or to friends get togethers and FINALLY be able to take pictures. It's 10 mega pixels and it takes pictures fast, so I can catch little boy's every move. Nice!

He's back to normal

And I have the mess in my house to prove it!! He is back to tearing up my house, throwing fits, telling jokes (in his own language of course), and begging for more milk!!
We have yet to see a specialist, we see his regular doctor on Monday. You have to love the SLOW turn around of doctors offices. I called to make an appointment and they kept telling me that they were waiting on the paperwork from the E.R. doctor. So FINALLY they got it and we can go see how we can fix Little Boy's esophagus.
But as you can tell, he is doing just fine!!

February 17, 2009

Hospital Gown

Here are some pictures from Little Boy in the hospital. I took them with my blackberry, that's why they are not too clear.
This was about 5 minutes after they gave him drugs to calm him down. He was so out of it.

This was him waiting for surgery. He was such a good sport.
How cute is the hospital gown and booties?
I know you're wondering why he was in there, well, he choked on an apple. Crazy right? I peeled the skin off and cut it into small pieces and on about the 3rd piece, it lodged itself in his esophagus. It wasn't blocking his air way so he could still breathe, but it made it so he couldn't swallow. He was just screaming and drooling so much so I knew something was wrong. About every couple minutes he would gag and start to turn bright red almost purple. Of course, I was panicking. Luckily, I was right down the street from my pediatrician so I called them and they said to bring him in. Once the saw him, they immediately admitted him to the ER. Let me tell you, Summerlin Pediatric ER is AMAZING!! They were all so nice in there and so quick too. Once the ER Dr saw him, he realized they would have to put him to sleep and stick a tube down him throat. Once they did that, they saw the apple and saw that his esophagus is misshaped. The Dr said that most people have a perfectly round esophagus, but Little Boy's is shaped like a keyhole. Which causes him to have a little shelf at the entrance and that is where little pieces of food can get stuck. So he said, even though I did the right thing by cutting up his apple in to small pieces, in Zachary's case, it would be better to give him bigger pieces. We are going to see a specialist next week to see if they can fix his opening.
Poor Little Boy!!

February 16, 2009

Date Night On Steriods

Friday night was our date night/anniversary. I was excited to have a fun night out with Hubster, thinking we would go to the neighborhood bar and eat some yummy nachos and watch Sports Center on the flat screens. But when he told me we were going to say on the Strip and get all fancied up, I was stoked!

Here is what we did

We stayed here

We ate here

Then we had some of these for desert.

Here are some pictures of the room

This is the master bath. On the other side of the tub is another frosted door and that's where the toilet was.

Here is the second bathroom, off the living room.

Living room - On the coffee table, that is a huge Tic Tac Toe game, so cool!

Kitchen. And the cabinets were full with every dish or glass you could possibly imagine! You could even bake, they had everything you would need.

The master bathroom mirror. How cool is that little tv?

As you can see, the Trump Tower is amazing. It was so much fun staying there and acting like tourists for the night. Of course, there are no pictures of Hubster and I because I didn't want to ask the bell hop to take our picture like all the other tourists.

February 14, 2009


Hubster is sitting on the couch next to me watching Star Wars (yawn) for the 100th time. Ironically, it is time for my 100th post. So, while he is still trying to figure out what that Chewbacca is saying, I will leave you with a funny 100th/Valentine's Day post.

Thanks Kate.


Remember that old joke? The one where your obnoxious brother/cousin/creepy uncle would ask you to spell "I Cup" then they would laugh and say, "haha you said that you see me pee!!" Yes, we all remember that one.

Well, I can't help but think of it every time I go into a public bathroom. Will someone please tell me why they even put in stalls? I mean, the minute you close the stall door, sit down to pee and look up, you can see the person washing their hands perfectly. Right then, you realize they can see that you are wearing day of the week underwear. Come on Kevin, isn't the purpose of a stall door, privacy? Where is the privacy with 3 inch gaps between the door and the partition wall? I was using the bathroom the other day at the gym and some lady walked right up to my stall, looked through the crack and said, "oops, I guess you're using that one!" Really? You couldn't have just noticed my feet under the door? I felt violated. I even think she winked at me when I came out. OK, she probably didn't, but she saw enough to make her want to wink at me. You get more privacy peeing in front of your car in a parking garage then you do in multiple stall restrooms.

So please, bathroom stall designers everywhere, think about us prudes. Next time you are planning out a public restroom, remember this, there is nothing attractive about walking into the bathroom, accidentally looking through the crack and noticing someone with their leg up on the toilet dealing with Aunt Flo.

February 10, 2009

He Grunts

Little Boy is 16 months and doesn't talk. I can't even get a mama or a dada out of him. Don't get me wrong, he says mama and dada, but he doesn't use them to address us. He just runs around the house saying, "mamamamamama" or "dadadadadada." I think he says those because Hubster and I are constantly telling him to say "mama or dada." The doctor has said that he should be saying some words by 12 months, but he doesn't. He does do signing, but no talking. He will grunt and point to things, so I know he is telling me something. He also understands us. He knows what we are saying and responds accordingly. But for some reason, he just won't say any words! What is the deal!! I do love that he still seems like a baby since he babbles and grunts, but I want to hear that little voice so bad. I want to hear his CRAZY stories. I want to have funny conversations with him and hear his thoughts on the backyardigans. I guess all I can do is keep saying things to him and hope that one day, he will say something! Let's hope his first phrase is, "Wow mama, you're skinny!"

50 Things About Me

I was given this in an email, so I thought I would just post it on my blog. These are some random and not so random facts about me.
  1. I love to sing (opera is my specialty).
  2. I am a horrible singer.

  3. I have always wanted super blonde hair.

  4. If I could live anywhere it would be New York in an amazing loft.

  5. I never finish anything I start (except childbirth...but I didn't have a choice did I?)

  6. I love crafts and scrapbooking.

  7. I love my long hair and always said I would never cut it short.

  8. I cut my hair short and now I pray for it to be long.

  9. If I could only take 3 beauty things with me to a deserted island it would be my tinted moisturizer, blush, beauty tubes mascara and lip gloss. Ok, that's 4, so I guess I would take 4 items with me.

  10. I am addicted to blackberry messenger.

  11. I wish Jessica Simpson was my friend.

  12. I also wish Chelsea Handler was my friend.

  13. I always try to look good for when the Hubster comes home from work.

  14. I have a fear of being kidnapped at the mall.

  15. I LOVE my dentist. He is amazing.

  16. I was secretly happy to have a c-section, I hate pain!

  17. I have a fear of public bathrooms.

  18. The dark scares me and I have nightlights all over my house.

  19. When I walk into the gym. I feel like everyone is thinking, there is that fatty mcfatty.

  20. I am obsessed with reality tv.

  21. I wish I had a better since of style.

  22. I am on weight watchers and I get 24 points a day. GASP!!

  23. I want to finish college and obtain my masters degree, but refer to #5 and you will see why I haven't yet.

  24. I love to dance!

  25. I love having beers with the hubster, he is my favorite cocktail partner.

  26. I have in depth conversations with Little Boy everyday.

  27. I want to go wine tasting so bad, yet I am not a big fan of wine. Weird.

  28. I crave port of subs just about every day.

  29. The people at the port of subs by my house know me and little boy by name.

  30. I am 26 and I still fear my mom. (she is scary!)

  31. I still think my brothers will beat up anyone who messes with me.

  32. I want one more baby.

  33. I have always thought it would be cool to be an event planner.

  34. I want to be on Saturday Night Live.

  35. I am AMAZING at "Saved By The Bell" trivia.

  36. I wish I did better in high school.

  37. I love having my nails and toes done.

  38. My work out clothes have to match. Silly, I know.

  39. I am obsessed with making lists.

  40. I add things on my lists just so I can cross them off.

  41. I am a shopaholic.

  42. I know how to drive stick shift.

  43. My dream car is a Range Rover. I said DREAM!

  44. I love watching the Hubster work on his car. It's hot, seriously.

  45. I can name different kinds of classic cars as they drive by........thanks Hubster!

  46. I know what outriggers are.

  47. I also know what a Saturday night ride is.

  48. My brother is a 2008 national wrestling champion.

  49. My other brother is a Jesus look alike.

  50. The Hubster still gives me the tummy butterflies.

February 4, 2009

I Just Threw Up

Watch this

Now go change your pants because you know you peed in them.

How sick is this? Don't you love how when he shakes his goodies, the camera shakes? That's about the point a little pee came out of me. Also, I couldn't stop starring at his package. (sorry mom) But I couldn't!! How could you not stare?? Is it just me or is it REALLY big? I am pretty sure he stuffed it and if he didn't stuff it, god bless that wife of his. Well, god bless her anyway. I can only imagine how proud she is of him and all his glory!

This video kills me and is now in my top 5 favorites ever.

Poor little boy. While I was watching it he wanted on my lap sooo bad. So I warned him that he was going to see a disturbing video and he said he didn't care.

Once he saw it, this is the face he made.....

Little Boy, I warned you.