February 4, 2009

I Just Threw Up

Watch this

Now go change your pants because you know you peed in them.

How sick is this? Don't you love how when he shakes his goodies, the camera shakes? That's about the point a little pee came out of me. Also, I couldn't stop starring at his package. (sorry mom) But I couldn't!! How could you not stare?? Is it just me or is it REALLY big? I am pretty sure he stuffed it and if he didn't stuff it, god bless that wife of his. Well, god bless her anyway. I can only imagine how proud she is of him and all his glory!

This video kills me and is now in my top 5 favorites ever.

Poor little boy. While I was watching it he wanted on my lap sooo bad. So I warned him that he was going to see a disturbing video and he said he didn't care.

Once he saw it, this is the face he made.....

Little Boy, I warned you.


Ashley said...

i'm going to go ahead and say he prob doesnt have a wife... i couldnt stop staring down below either! haha

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I don't even have words... yes I do, I am totally reposting this!! And I agree with Ashley, he does not have a wife. A boyfriend maybe.

Bre said...

Couldn't he of taped it down of something?!? And the hair on his back was just too much for me. puke

Oh and he shoudn't be fat if he does this every day!!!

Chris said...

Two things: That is NOT natural. There's something "in" that leotard. Secondly...I want to marry Beyonce. LOVE her.