February 14, 2009


Remember that old joke? The one where your obnoxious brother/cousin/creepy uncle would ask you to spell "I Cup" then they would laugh and say, "haha you said that you see me pee!!" Yes, we all remember that one.

Well, I can't help but think of it every time I go into a public bathroom. Will someone please tell me why they even put in stalls? I mean, the minute you close the stall door, sit down to pee and look up, you can see the person washing their hands perfectly. Right then, you realize they can see that you are wearing day of the week underwear. Come on Kevin, isn't the purpose of a stall door, privacy? Where is the privacy with 3 inch gaps between the door and the partition wall? I was using the bathroom the other day at the gym and some lady walked right up to my stall, looked through the crack and said, "oops, I guess you're using that one!" Really? You couldn't have just noticed my feet under the door? I felt violated. I even think she winked at me when I came out. OK, she probably didn't, but she saw enough to make her want to wink at me. You get more privacy peeing in front of your car in a parking garage then you do in multiple stall restrooms.

So please, bathroom stall designers everywhere, think about us prudes. Next time you are planning out a public restroom, remember this, there is nothing attractive about walking into the bathroom, accidentally looking through the crack and noticing someone with their leg up on the toilet dealing with Aunt Flo.