February 10, 2009

He Grunts

Little Boy is 16 months and doesn't talk. I can't even get a mama or a dada out of him. Don't get me wrong, he says mama and dada, but he doesn't use them to address us. He just runs around the house saying, "mamamamamama" or "dadadadadada." I think he says those because Hubster and I are constantly telling him to say "mama or dada." The doctor has said that he should be saying some words by 12 months, but he doesn't. He does do signing, but no talking. He will grunt and point to things, so I know he is telling me something. He also understands us. He knows what we are saying and responds accordingly. But for some reason, he just won't say any words! What is the deal!! I do love that he still seems like a baby since he babbles and grunts, but I want to hear that little voice so bad. I want to hear his CRAZY stories. I want to have funny conversations with him and hear his thoughts on the backyardigans. I guess all I can do is keep saying things to him and hope that one day, he will say something! Let's hope his first phrase is, "Wow mama, you're skinny!"


becky s said...

My hubby didn't speak for a long time, either. Now I can't get him to shut up. Hee!

My little guy is almost 15 months and the most he'll do is babble. Some of it almost sounds like words, but they're not recognizable to me. I just keep talking to him. I think he's working on the physical right now and the verbal will come later.

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side, at least he isn't talking back to you and screaming 'NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!' everytime you ask him to do something. What a cute age Ellie is at right now.

Ashley said...

sometimes its nice not to hear "NO!!!" haha.. i wouldnt worry about he, he will in due time. the grunting is cute

Sara said...

My son is almost 20 months and only says "socks". So, don't feel too bad. Believe me, I know it is frustrating to see other kids talking hen yours isn't. Mine doesnt say mama either.

Yesterday, we went to a nursery school to check it out and this other mother was saying how her daughter (who is one month older) is saying full sentences and her ABC's. I was like , "Well, Little Monkey says socks!"

I am right there with ya!

Gini said...

Found your blog on Mom Blogs. Both my boys started speech therapy at 18 months. I had them both evaluated by Nevada Early Intervention. My youngest at 3, has since entered the CCSD and goes to school 4 half days a week for speech. If you think there may be an issue, there is lots of help here. Many will say - they talk when they want to but no harm in getting evaluated and getting a jump start. My middle son started kindergarten reading really well.