September 29, 2008

The Handyman Can

Need a good plumber? I know one.

Apparently while I was on the phone, Little Boy thought he would take matters into his own hands and fix our toilet. Good thing he had his screwdriver handy. He was a big help.
If you are having plumbing problems, let little boy know. He will be there to help. If you want to him to come in just his diaper and shirt, well that is extra.

September 25, 2008

Moment Of Silence

My friend Ashley and I are mourning the loss of a dear friend. Our favorite scrapbook store, "Pebbles In My Pocket" is officially closing it's doors today at 8pm. Yes, this may seem silly to you, but I was devastated. It was my favorite place to go. You have to know how great it is to have a place where the minute you walk in the door, you feel so comfortable. Everyone in there, from the employees to other customers, understood you.
People who don't understand scrapbooking or aren't into it, just don't get it. I know the Hubster supports me and is impressed by my crafting ability, but I am sure he just thinks it's a girlie hobby. But really, it is my passion. I love to scrapbook and make awesome crafts. That is right, I said awesome crafts.
Pebbles in My Pocket was a place where I could go and let my imagination run wild.
This morning at 5am is when I got the sad email. I was up saying goodbye to hubster and I checked my phone like I always do. In the subject line of the email it said "Pebbles is closing." I think I gasped and said "WWHHAATT??" Hubster came running in the room so fast thinking I just got awful news. (Don't laugh, in my eyes it was awful) When I told him what happened, I think he tried to sound sad for me, but he really was thinking that I am nuts. It's just a bummer that the economy has gotten so bad, that an 8 year business that has been an escape for so many creative wives and moms, is now no longer.
Please, let us have a moment of silence for my pebbles.
(I am serious, sshhh.)

September 23, 2008

Hold The Phone

I have an addiction. No it's not reality TV, we've already covered that one.
It's shopping at Michael's.
Lately though, I have been having some beef with an employee there.
I always shop at the one on Centennial Drive (unless I have more then one coupon, then I sneak around to the other ones to use all my coupons....shhh). Well there is a lady in the Centennial store that I pretty much want to jump over the counter and strangle. Now don't go and call the cops, I won't be acting on it. It's just that, every time I check out, she has the sassiest attitude. It's like she gets off on telling me what I can and can't use the coupon on. Me, being my father's child, I always snap back at her. We have a love hate relationship. I hate her but she has to love me because I am the customer. Sucker. Now, I have a game that I play. I always grab something that I KNOW I can't get with my coupon and take it up to her anyway. Just to see her get all fired up. It's like my own little revenge on her. I guess I should tell you how this started. One week, I go in there and use the coupon on a book. It worked and I went home with my half priced book. Great. The next week I go in there (I told you I was addicted) and I can't find what I need so I think, I will just get another book. Great you're thinking, right? Wrong. Miss Sassy pants informs me that the coupons are no good on books. Right away, I am all over her. I tell her "oh you're so cute and sassy, but yes I can! I just used one on a book about 4 days ago." She then tells me "well the coupon rules have been changed, maybe you should read the fine print." Shut the front door, did she just say that to me? I look at little boy and he is giving me the look of "You going to take that from her?" So I give her that sarcastic laugh that my dad taught me and tell her that she needed to calm down. I also told her that I have been shopping at Michael's for years and have been using the coupons just as long. Now why would I all of a sudden wake up one Sunday morning and think, hmmm I better check my Michael's coupon in case they changed the rules. Now she is just looking at me like, ok lady, are you done? And I was. So now, you can see why I go in there and LLLOOVVEE to torture her. I think little boy loves too, he always gets excited when we head to her cash register. So if any of you shop at that Michael's and have a coupon, make sure to grab something from the Martha Stewart Collection or from the cricut selection. You will know if you have the employee that I am talking about because when you hand it to her, her face gets that look. You will know what look I am talking about. It's priceless.
No I am not always rude, just sometimes. =)

September 20, 2008

Yes Mr. Officer Sir

So I am on the freeway yesterday, behind 2 semis. I change lanes to get around them and one of them also changes lanes. So I then change another lane to get into the fast lane, and welcome welcome, the semi follows. I didn't think semis were allowed in the fast lane. But he was flying, so I couldn't complain. But I did complain about his rocks flying off his truck at my car. So I look over and see the carpool lane. Hmmmm, it's me and little boy, I think that qualifies for the carpool lane. I make the executive decision and get into the lane. I am cruising along when all of a sudden, I see lights in my rear view mirror. I look down to check my speed and I am thinking, ok, I am not speeding, what could he want. A date maybe? Too bad, I am taken. So as I am preparing myself to let the cop down gently, I notice him looking through my windows. What's he looking for? Illegals? Drugs? I roll down my window and he says the famous line, "Good afternoon Ma'am, do you know why I pulled you over?" The sassy side of me wanted to tell him that I am not a mind reader so no, I have no clue why he pulled me over. But instead I just told him no. He proceeded to tell me the rules of the carpool lane. That it's reserved for cars with two or more passengers or motorcycles, blah blah blah. He then told me that since I didn't have another passenger, I couldn't travel in this lane. That's when I cut him off. I told him, that hello, I did have another passenger. He looked at me all puzzled, so I point to little boy in the back, who gave him a huge grin! I couldn't help but crack up when the officer dude looked at me like, are you serious. I was, I was dead serious. Besides the fact that I was obviously right, I couldn't let him give me a ticket. Hubster would KILL me if I got a ticket. I had to convince him that I had a point. Where on that sign does is say two or more ADULT passengers? Little boy and I were headed to the same destination, there for, we were car pooling. I am pretty sure that was the first time the officer dude had ever heard that excuse, because he was speechless. But it worked. Oh yeah it did. He was cracking up by the time I was done with my speech. He then told me, although technically I am right, it doesn't count, but that he would let me off with a warning. Warning schmorning. He knew he couldn't win this one so he let me go. If he wasn't going to let me go, I was going to cry. Just another day in the life of mama and little boy.

September 17, 2008

Enough Said


So I heard that I had a blogger fan out there. Which is great. I love that I can get on here and just vent about everyday stuff and that there is someone out there that actually looks forward to reading what I have to say. This post is a tribute to her!

Love ya Auntie Debbie!

(so what if my blogger stalker is a family member, that's even more of an honor. Family is sometimes the worst critics. So, go me!)

Little Boy Walking

Sorry about the blurry photos, my amazing father let me borrow his Canon Rebel Camera, but he kept the owners manual. Blame him. You can also tell that little boy's new favorite thing to do is point. He loves to point. And as long as he doesn't point and say "Fat" at the same time, it's cute.

Gray Never Looked So Good

So I for the past week or so, I have been lending an ear to a friend about her marriage problems. There were some hearts broken and blah blah blah. It got me thinking about my relationship. I was just thinking how crazy I am about the hubster and how I could never cheat on him. I don't think I would ever even have the chance to cheat, because no man out there could pull my eyes away from him. I have the greatest guy ever and I know it.
But it did spark up a conversation with another friend about, if there was a celebrity man out there that could maybe, just maybe turn my head, who would it be.
Now don't get crazy thinking I am awful. I know if Jennifer Garner called the hubster, he'd leave me for her. He loves him some Jennifer Garner, trust me. What grown man LOVES to watch 13 going on 30 almost as much as The Terminator? Not to mention, every time she is on TV he tells me how cute she is. I am ok with it though, she is adorable.
Back to my celebrity love. It didn't take me long to decide, because, I LLOOVVEEE me some Anderson Cooper. Holy guacamole, gray never looked so good. That little reporter hottie has it going on. Have you seen his amazing blue eyes? Yummo. Now, I know I totally sound like a 46 year old house wife that was let loose in a male strip club, but seriously, he has good genes. Plus, there is just something so attractive about a man that can report on any subject/topic and come across as an expert. Hubster is good like that too. I can call him and ask him anything and he can give me an answer, even if it is BS.
So now all of you have learned something about me. I have a little crush, borderline obsession, on Anderson Cooper.
I am not sure if the hubster knows about my obsession or if he just thinks I really love CNN. Oh well, I guess for every Anderson Cooper 360 show we watch, I will have to throw in a Jennifer Garner movie. Which is ok, because I love chick flicks.

September 16, 2008

Did you or didn't you?

Did you get invited to Little Boy's birthday?? Probably not. Now, don't go all crazy grandma on me and start telling everyone how mean I am because I didn't include you on the invite list. Hubster and I decided to keep the invite list to all in town friends and family and then to of course our siblings. We didn't want to get crazy and invite all of the family because we didn't want anyone to feel obligated to come. And if you couldn't come, we didn't want you to feel guilty for not being able to make it. So remember this, if you didn't get invited, that's one less present you have to buy!! Woo Hoo!! Good looking out on our part huh?
Yeah, you're welcome.

1 year

Little boy is about to turn the big numero uno. That's number one for all you non-spanish speakers! =) Now, if I was one of those sappy emotional mom's I'd sit here and say how sad I am and how time flies and blah blah blah. But I won't! I am telling you how excited I am. Little Boy rocks!! He cracks me up every day, all day. Whether it's his crazy loud burps and farts or when he screams at the top of his lungs trying to convince me that today, is the day he will stop taking naps.
He is amazing and the best little friend a mom could ask for. He really is a friend too. I used to think I was crazy for always having adult conversations with him, but I know he understands me. If you could see the looks he gives me as I am talking to him, you would think so too. He always looks at me like, "I know mom, I know." Plus, there is nothing better then taking him to the grocery store. Seriously. I put him in the little seat of the cart and he goes nuts! It's like how I react when Hubster takes me to Disneyland. Who knew that the local Smith's could be Little Boy's happy place. His favorite, is when I have to bend down to get something off the bottom shelf. Because on my way back up, I always peak at him between the bars and he GOES CRAZY!! Squeals like a little pig. I love it. Ahhh, I could go on for days. But just know, that my kid is awesome and he is a comedian for sure.
Here are some cute pics of him over the past year.

p.s. he walks now too. Seriously walks. I will post pictures of that soon.

September 4, 2008

Hallmark Is Calling

And they want my boys on the front of a card.
Seriously, how cute are they.
I have to say that hubster is amazing. He works his butt off at work so I can stay home and take care of little boy and the house. No matter what his day was like he always comes home in the same happy go lucky mood. I love it. So does little boy. He goes CRAZY when Daddy walks through that door. I have to admit, I go crazy too. I get SOOOOO excited when I get to go to the bathroom with out little boy seeing if he can break the Guinness World Book of Records for how fast he can unroll the toilet paper.
On this particular night, when I came out of the bathroom, this is what I saw. They were having a daddy/son moment.
So.....I got it on camera.

so cute.

And The Academy Award Goes To.....

Little Boy!!
Below, you will get to watch how he tries to use his poor me cry to get me to agree, to let him pull everything out of my bathroom cabinets and then suck on the hairspray bottle.
(why do kids like the nasty stuff?)

Right now he starts to get upset because I took away the hairspray.
Mean Mommy!!

Now he is giving me the "You hurt my feelings" look. It's so sad and so cute at the same time. Admit it, after seeing this face, you want to come to my house and personally hand him the hairspray bottle and then promise him the world.
It's ok, I battle with that every day!

And this is what he does when I don't fall for the sad face. I mean, we are talking about letting my 11 month old suck on a hairspray bottle. The hairspray is Suave, I could see if it was like Aqua Net or something. So, me being the mean mommy that I am, I start cracking up. Trust me, it's funny when he does this cry. Hubster and I always laugh. Below, you will see what little boy does when we laugh at him while he is having one of these "Fake Fits."

He stops and looks at us like, "Oh, you aren't buying my I am so sad act?" Then of course, we laugh some more. What's not funny about a kid that can turn on and off the crying?

And viola! This is what he does when he sees how funny we think he is! See, I am not as mean as you were thinking. He really is a big faker. (if he was not faking, do you really think I would have got out my camera? Ok, probably, but so what!)

So next time someone judges me for giving into my kid, remember this post.

It's not easy being me. Especially when you have to look at that sad face.

September 2, 2008

Little Boy

He is watching TV. I am so proud.
He is the cutest little nugget ever.
p.s. don't mind the cushions blocking the entertainment center, it's teething time in our house and I didn't want our furniture to look like a woodchuck lives with us.

Hey Fatty

I am going on a diet tomorrow. Shut up, I really am this time. I found this book called "The Flat Belly Diet." I am sure it is a gimmick, but you know me! I llllooooove a good gimmick. You tell me I will lose weight standing on my head, I will probably try it.
So I got this book and the matching cook book, then went and spent $147.59 at the grocery store (hubster was thrilled!) so I would have all the stuff I need.
Side note, when Hubster asked how much I would need for groceries, I told him probably $150.00. So just so you all know, I am the worlds greatest grocery shopper. My total came to $162, then I so fiercly handed the checker a stack of coupons and watched my total drop. Plus, I got 15 cents off a gallon when I fill up next time. Go me.
Back to my fat belly, soon to be flat belly! So I really am going to do this. I will blog about it too, so that way if there are any other fatty's out there battling that nasty roll, maybe you could give this gimmick a shot. But if you don't want to diet, just name your belly roll. I did. And I really think that is why I haven't had the heart to work out and lose it. Poor Wanda, (that's a great name and you know it!) It's not her fault she has become the nasty roll that my pants refuse to button over. It's all the In N Out Burger I ate while I was prego with Little Boy. I know what you're thinking, it's Little Boy's fault.
You're rude.
He is innocent........and darn cute!
So tomorrow is the big day. Wish me luck.