September 25, 2008

Moment Of Silence

My friend Ashley and I are mourning the loss of a dear friend. Our favorite scrapbook store, "Pebbles In My Pocket" is officially closing it's doors today at 8pm. Yes, this may seem silly to you, but I was devastated. It was my favorite place to go. You have to know how great it is to have a place where the minute you walk in the door, you feel so comfortable. Everyone in there, from the employees to other customers, understood you.
People who don't understand scrapbooking or aren't into it, just don't get it. I know the Hubster supports me and is impressed by my crafting ability, but I am sure he just thinks it's a girlie hobby. But really, it is my passion. I love to scrapbook and make awesome crafts. That is right, I said awesome crafts.
Pebbles in My Pocket was a place where I could go and let my imagination run wild.
This morning at 5am is when I got the sad email. I was up saying goodbye to hubster and I checked my phone like I always do. In the subject line of the email it said "Pebbles is closing." I think I gasped and said "WWHHAATT??" Hubster came running in the room so fast thinking I just got awful news. (Don't laugh, in my eyes it was awful) When I told him what happened, I think he tried to sound sad for me, but he really was thinking that I am nuts. It's just a bummer that the economy has gotten so bad, that an 8 year business that has been an escape for so many creative wives and moms, is now no longer.
Please, let us have a moment of silence for my pebbles.
(I am serious, sshhh.)


Bre said...

awww, that is sad. i am not into scrapbooking as much as you are, but i've still been to that place! it was so cute and so much fun. i am so sorry for your loss. but at least you still have michael's and their coupons. ;)