September 4, 2008

And The Academy Award Goes To.....

Little Boy!!
Below, you will get to watch how he tries to use his poor me cry to get me to agree, to let him pull everything out of my bathroom cabinets and then suck on the hairspray bottle.
(why do kids like the nasty stuff?)

Right now he starts to get upset because I took away the hairspray.
Mean Mommy!!

Now he is giving me the "You hurt my feelings" look. It's so sad and so cute at the same time. Admit it, after seeing this face, you want to come to my house and personally hand him the hairspray bottle and then promise him the world.
It's ok, I battle with that every day!

And this is what he does when I don't fall for the sad face. I mean, we are talking about letting my 11 month old suck on a hairspray bottle. The hairspray is Suave, I could see if it was like Aqua Net or something. So, me being the mean mommy that I am, I start cracking up. Trust me, it's funny when he does this cry. Hubster and I always laugh. Below, you will see what little boy does when we laugh at him while he is having one of these "Fake Fits."

He stops and looks at us like, "Oh, you aren't buying my I am so sad act?" Then of course, we laugh some more. What's not funny about a kid that can turn on and off the crying?

And viola! This is what he does when he sees how funny we think he is! See, I am not as mean as you were thinking. He really is a big faker. (if he was not faking, do you really think I would have got out my camera? Ok, probably, but so what!)

So next time someone judges me for giving into my kid, remember this post.

It's not easy being me. Especially when you have to look at that sad face.


Bre said...

That is hilarious!!! I totally would've caved when he started crying! He looked so sad! He's good... very, very good. I give him a 10! =)