September 20, 2008

Yes Mr. Officer Sir

So I am on the freeway yesterday, behind 2 semis. I change lanes to get around them and one of them also changes lanes. So I then change another lane to get into the fast lane, and welcome welcome, the semi follows. I didn't think semis were allowed in the fast lane. But he was flying, so I couldn't complain. But I did complain about his rocks flying off his truck at my car. So I look over and see the carpool lane. Hmmmm, it's me and little boy, I think that qualifies for the carpool lane. I make the executive decision and get into the lane. I am cruising along when all of a sudden, I see lights in my rear view mirror. I look down to check my speed and I am thinking, ok, I am not speeding, what could he want. A date maybe? Too bad, I am taken. So as I am preparing myself to let the cop down gently, I notice him looking through my windows. What's he looking for? Illegals? Drugs? I roll down my window and he says the famous line, "Good afternoon Ma'am, do you know why I pulled you over?" The sassy side of me wanted to tell him that I am not a mind reader so no, I have no clue why he pulled me over. But instead I just told him no. He proceeded to tell me the rules of the carpool lane. That it's reserved for cars with two or more passengers or motorcycles, blah blah blah. He then told me that since I didn't have another passenger, I couldn't travel in this lane. That's when I cut him off. I told him, that hello, I did have another passenger. He looked at me all puzzled, so I point to little boy in the back, who gave him a huge grin! I couldn't help but crack up when the officer dude looked at me like, are you serious. I was, I was dead serious. Besides the fact that I was obviously right, I couldn't let him give me a ticket. Hubster would KILL me if I got a ticket. I had to convince him that I had a point. Where on that sign does is say two or more ADULT passengers? Little boy and I were headed to the same destination, there for, we were car pooling. I am pretty sure that was the first time the officer dude had ever heard that excuse, because he was speechless. But it worked. Oh yeah it did. He was cracking up by the time I was done with my speech. He then told me, although technically I am right, it doesn't count, but that he would let me off with a warning. Warning schmorning. He knew he couldn't win this one so he let me go. If he wasn't going to let me go, I was going to cry. Just another day in the life of mama and little boy.


Bre said...

Umm... I drive in the car pool lane all the time. I am soo with YOU on this one! How can they not count babies?? They are people too! If they don't count babies than at what age ARE they accepted as people? Makes NO SENSE whatsoever. And i'm glad you didn't get a ticket! What an idiot.

Ashley said...

Go you for not getting a ticket! FYI that I recently learned: The carpool lane was designed for people to carpool (go figure), so babies don't count because they don't drive. You and I and the babies would count because I would be leaving my car home to carpool with you, and then we would be saving gas and the earth.

~MeLiSsA~ said...

I drive in the carpool too, I dont see anything wrong with it, my kids are people too. :) I will let you know when we set a date for pics!