September 23, 2008

Hold The Phone

I have an addiction. No it's not reality TV, we've already covered that one.
It's shopping at Michael's.
Lately though, I have been having some beef with an employee there.
I always shop at the one on Centennial Drive (unless I have more then one coupon, then I sneak around to the other ones to use all my coupons....shhh). Well there is a lady in the Centennial store that I pretty much want to jump over the counter and strangle. Now don't go and call the cops, I won't be acting on it. It's just that, every time I check out, she has the sassiest attitude. It's like she gets off on telling me what I can and can't use the coupon on. Me, being my father's child, I always snap back at her. We have a love hate relationship. I hate her but she has to love me because I am the customer. Sucker. Now, I have a game that I play. I always grab something that I KNOW I can't get with my coupon and take it up to her anyway. Just to see her get all fired up. It's like my own little revenge on her. I guess I should tell you how this started. One week, I go in there and use the coupon on a book. It worked and I went home with my half priced book. Great. The next week I go in there (I told you I was addicted) and I can't find what I need so I think, I will just get another book. Great you're thinking, right? Wrong. Miss Sassy pants informs me that the coupons are no good on books. Right away, I am all over her. I tell her "oh you're so cute and sassy, but yes I can! I just used one on a book about 4 days ago." She then tells me "well the coupon rules have been changed, maybe you should read the fine print." Shut the front door, did she just say that to me? I look at little boy and he is giving me the look of "You going to take that from her?" So I give her that sarcastic laugh that my dad taught me and tell her that she needed to calm down. I also told her that I have been shopping at Michael's for years and have been using the coupons just as long. Now why would I all of a sudden wake up one Sunday morning and think, hmmm I better check my Michael's coupon in case they changed the rules. Now she is just looking at me like, ok lady, are you done? And I was. So now, you can see why I go in there and LLLOOVVEE to torture her. I think little boy loves too, he always gets excited when we head to her cash register. So if any of you shop at that Michael's and have a coupon, make sure to grab something from the Martha Stewart Collection or from the cricut selection. You will know if you have the employee that I am talking about because when you hand it to her, her face gets that look. You will know what look I am talking about. It's priceless.
No I am not always rude, just sometimes. =)