September 4, 2008

Hallmark Is Calling

And they want my boys on the front of a card.
Seriously, how cute are they.
I have to say that hubster is amazing. He works his butt off at work so I can stay home and take care of little boy and the house. No matter what his day was like he always comes home in the same happy go lucky mood. I love it. So does little boy. He goes CRAZY when Daddy walks through that door. I have to admit, I go crazy too. I get SOOOOO excited when I get to go to the bathroom with out little boy seeing if he can break the Guinness World Book of Records for how fast he can unroll the toilet paper.
On this particular night, when I came out of the bathroom, this is what I saw. They were having a daddy/son moment.
So.....I got it on camera.

so cute.


Unknown said...

Which head is the Hubster's and which head is Little Boy's? Ha! Ha!