September 2, 2008

Hey Fatty

I am going on a diet tomorrow. Shut up, I really am this time. I found this book called "The Flat Belly Diet." I am sure it is a gimmick, but you know me! I llllooooove a good gimmick. You tell me I will lose weight standing on my head, I will probably try it.
So I got this book and the matching cook book, then went and spent $147.59 at the grocery store (hubster was thrilled!) so I would have all the stuff I need.
Side note, when Hubster asked how much I would need for groceries, I told him probably $150.00. So just so you all know, I am the worlds greatest grocery shopper. My total came to $162, then I so fiercly handed the checker a stack of coupons and watched my total drop. Plus, I got 15 cents off a gallon when I fill up next time. Go me.
Back to my fat belly, soon to be flat belly! So I really am going to do this. I will blog about it too, so that way if there are any other fatty's out there battling that nasty roll, maybe you could give this gimmick a shot. But if you don't want to diet, just name your belly roll. I did. And I really think that is why I haven't had the heart to work out and lose it. Poor Wanda, (that's a great name and you know it!) It's not her fault she has become the nasty roll that my pants refuse to button over. It's all the In N Out Burger I ate while I was prego with Little Boy. I know what you're thinking, it's Little Boy's fault.
You're rude.
He is innocent........and darn cute!
So tomorrow is the big day. Wish me luck.