August 27, 2008

Holy Moly

Little boy walked finally! He didn't just take a step, he took four. Then he took five. He then got a little full of himself and went for the 6th and ate it. It was quite cute.
To get him to walk, all I had to do was hold my cell phone and he came after it. What is with guys and their electronics? I am sure that one will be a mystery until the end of time.

So yeah, back to the little boy. He is officially a walker. That scares me. Very much so. He is a super fast crawler, so he will probably be an Olympic Race Walker. Great. That's just great.
So the Hubster and I decided we should get little boy some shoes. I was thinking those soft crib shoes like, Robeez or Bobux. What does Hubster want to get? Nikes. Are you kidding me? Little boy is going to develop gigantic calf muscles because the Nikes are so heavy! But they look cool he tells me. Well that's it then. They look cool and I am for sure all about having the coolest looking kid in the play group. SOLD! Now poor little boy is sliding around because he can't lift his poor feet off the ground. But remember, he looks cool.


Bre said...

Wow! Walking already! That's great... well for him, not for you! LOL. As far as shoes go, I really liked the pedipeds at or the pedoodles at Happy shopping!!! =)