August 21, 2008


Boy am I lazy. That is not an understatement.

I stay at home and chase after a very active 11 month old and you'd think that would help me lose some baby weight. But nope. I am still fat. I am not fat and happy though.

I am always thinking about what I will do to get skinny. I think, I will watch my calories and not eat 2 hours before bedtime. Check.

I will work out on our elliptical until I can comfortably do an hour, then I will hit the gym.
This is where I get lazy. I get all FIRED up, and I mean FIRED up, about working out and getting skinny, and then I go and see what I can eat while I watch Big Brother.

What is it with the laziness? I never used to be lazy. I used to have so much energy that people at my work hated me because I was so happy and energetic all the time. Now, I would probably get along with those miserable saps (I am not miserable though, just lazy).

If anyone out there has an idea of how I can get back on track and get some of my energy back so I can at least work out an hour a day, that would be awesome. Help a fat sister out!