August 25, 2008

Come On, Let's Hug It Out

I did it, I asked my baby if we could hug it out. Here's how it went.
I was on the computer doing a few things and Zachary was roaming around in the office.
He becomes quiet and I hear paper tear. I look over and oh my he has torn some of my scrapbook paper.
Mommy: Zachary, what is that?
Zachary: bLah, ferwger, blah sdfser (baby talk)
Mommy: You know you aren't supposed to play with Mommy's scrapbook paper.
Zachary(turns on puppy dog eyes): Blah sldkfh blah sdlfkhj (again, baby talk)
Mommy: This is a NO NO!! ( I hold up the paper for him to see)
He then starts to act like he got his feelings hurt and starts to cry. Then he started laughing. So again, I told him that we don't play with Mommy's stuff and that it was a big no no. He then really starts to cry and puts his head on my lap!! What? Who taught him this stuff? I have raised a Charmer.
I then felt horrible and asked him if we could just hug it out. And we did. We hugged and hugged. Moral of the story? My kid knows how to work his mom.