August 14, 2008

I am Suzanne & I am Addicted to Reality TV

Ok people, I LLLOOVVEEE reality TV. I am seriously a reality TV show addict. I don't know why or what it is about it, but I am hooked.
One of my favorite reality shows is Big Brother. I have watched it since season one and I can't get enough. But I am having some issues with the house guests. (those are the people picked to live in the house & play the game) This is the 10th season of this amazing show and there are still house guests that don't understand the game. I just want to say "IT'S A GAME PEOPLE!!" People audition for this show, then go on the show and cry when their "friend" in the house back stabs them. UH....isn't that what big brother stands for? BACKSTABBING? You aren't going to win the $500,000 prize by being sweet and sticking to your word. Heck no people, you have to lie, cheat and schmooze (is that a word?) your way to the end. And if you do lie, cheat and schmooze your way to the end, that doesn't make you a bad person!! Again, it is a game and you have to "bluff" your way to the end. And for those people that take it all personal and wish the other housemates dead after the show, GET A LIFE! I swear, I think I am a pretty good person, but if I was on this show, I am sure I would make some enemies. I mean come on, why put your life on hold to be on this show, where you are secluded from the outside world for 3 months, if you aren't going to PLAY THE GAME?!?! Ugghh, maybe season 11 will get it. Even with all that said, I can honestly say that this season is one of my favorites. And my favorite house guests are Keesha, Memphis and Renny. These three I think understand the game the best. And although there are people in the house they don't care for, they still understand that it's all a game and there are no hard feelings. This week Keesha was VERY close to being voted out but she hung in there and didn't get voted out! Woo hoo!! And then to top it off, her best friend in the house won Head Of Household and we know she won't nominate Keesha for eviction. Life is good again for me and big brother.

The other show that feeds my addiction is Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. I could careless what the critics say. I love Tori Spelling. Is she a good actress? No. Is she funny and great in real life? YES!!! How can you watch her show and not die laughing every time. She kills me. Seriously, I really wish I could be her friend. I think her and I would be great together, don't you? So, Tori, if you are reading this, CALL ME! =)


Anonymous said...

You are too funny, I frickin' LOVE Tori and Dean! I just got finished reading sTORI tELLING and read the entire book in about three days [but that was because I had to sleep and take care of my kid]. Great book! Her family is pyscho! Anyway, what is your email address?? I turned my blog private to keep the crazies out [ie, some of my siblings, yes, my family is pyscho too] but I didn't have your email to invite you.

Anonymous said...
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