January 28, 2011

He Has What?!?!

Ok, so I have had 2 babies, at two different hospitals and both were NICU babies. Both NICU's had STRICT privacy policies. For example, when the doctors were making their rounds, no parents could be in the NICU. And if your baby was finally going to town on breastfeeding, after 3 days of trying to get her to latch on, well too bad, you still had to leave the NICU. All this is to prevent people from hearing other peoples information. OK. Makes sense.

But then can someone please explain this nonsense?
I recently had a friend in the hospital. And he had a roommate. A roommate. Really? My friend and his girlfriend knew when the roommate pee'd, poo'd, ate, had his last dose of antibiotics and if the nasty rash was looking better. Gross.
I will never understand some things in life.


~MeLiSsA~ said...

Yep... when Trav was in the hospital after his motocross accident he too had a room mate. I guess we were lucky that his spoke spanish and we speak english obviously so it helped for privacy!

Molly said...

Hospital roomates are nasty. I am working tonight and have 2 patients with them. I feel bad.