March 11, 2009

Help Smells Clean

I just found about this program that I now LOVE.
It's a very cool organization that provides laundry services to victims of natural disasters. How sweet is that? And by sweet, I mean awesome!

It started with Hurricane Katrina. Tide traveled to Metairie, LA with tons of washers and dryers and cleaned over 10,000 loads of laundry. It was such a success and that Tide has kept it going.

They have a truck and a van, which means that they can travel anywhere there is a natural disaster and start making everyone smell good, one load at a time! Wait, more like 32 loads at a time! The truck has 32 HE washer and dryers which will allow them to do 300 loads a day!

Of course, they can use all the help they can get, so they have made these sweet looking t-shirts that you can purchase here.

Go check them out and buy one! You will look cute wearing it and you will help someone have clean undies!


Bethany said...

how cool is that? gotta love clean undies! :)