March 2, 2009

Hold Onto Your Daddies Girls

I coming to the Central Coast!!
(kidding. If you watch OC Housewives, you get it, if not, you probably just think I am a sick, sick person.)
I am so excited because this weekend is a GIRLS weekend. I have yet to get away without Little Boy or Hubster, and this Friday is the GLORIOUS day. Ok, that sounded bad, like I am breaking out of prison. I don't mean it like that, I love my boys like fat kids love cake, I am just excited to enjoy some "me" time.
I got that quote from the Hubster. His New Years resolution was more"me" time for himself. I know, try not to choke while you laugh, it is hilarious isn't it?
Anyways. This weekend is all about having fun and not worrying about diapers or laundry.
I am going to see her

I will be getting there Friday afternoon. Just in time to enjoy the Friday night life. My crazy sister in law and I will be hitting up some bars in downtown San Luis Obispo and doing a little of this
Then on Saturday we will be tasting this!! I have never been wine tasting so this will for sure be an adventure. It will also be interesting because I am not a wino. I like the fruity wines, but that's about it. Also, I love to ice my wine. Do you think they will care if I add ice to my glass? Classy, I know. In case you forgot, classy is my middle name!
By the way, what do you wear wine tasting? Probably something chic right? People that drink wine always look so chic. Except for maybe the ones that drink wine from a box. I have heard from a few wine friends of mine that wine from a box is a no-no. Of course, they told me that AFTER I told them that I liked a certain kind of wine from a box. Oops. So knowing that, I probably should go shopping for a chic outfit.

Hubster will love that idea.


Anonymous said...

Wine from a box is a no-no? My girlfriend actually got me to drink it with her the last time she was in town and we actually shotgunned the bladder! ha! memories....

I like the fruity wines as well and sometimes put ice in my glass too. YUM! Can't wait to have a tall glass [or bottle] once this kid is done cookin'!!

ps. my jaw hit the ground and stayed there for a majority of the Housewives Reunion! Oh, Lynn is going to be on the MORE show on FOX5 in couple of weeks getting a procedure done by a plastic surgeon in town! You KNOW I will be there to meet her if I can still waddle at that time!!