March 12, 2009


9 Wineries people! NINE!! That's how many my sister-in-law and I visited on Saturday. It was nothing short of awesome. We got to taste so many different types of wine, we also tasted different types of olive oil (so yummy) and vinegars! Crazy right? The olive oils and vinegars were soooo yummy. I can't wait to order some and have them in my house at all times. Another crazy thing I learned, they have WINE CLUBS. Not a joke. You join the club, and they send you bottles of wine a couple times of year. Um, sign me up please!

This was the amazing scenery we got to look at while we on our adventure.

Our goal was to take a picture at every winery, well at this winery, we forgot. So, we parked by the sign and decided to take a self shot. Well, after about 4 bad shots by me, Brooke managed to get us and the name in the pic! Good job!

Here is Brooke enjoying some of the goods.
Look at those cheekbones!

I almost got killed taking this picture, but it was worth it!
How cool is that sign?
Don't mind that I am standing like a man. I am NOT photogenic.

This was one of the last wineries, obviously. They had all these crazy wigs so Brooke and I thought "what better time for a MONTAGE!!"

Well, this past weekend was a blast. We had more fun then two people should be allowed to have. I can't wait to go back. I am pretty sure it's going to be a once a year thing. Wait, once a year is way too long, lets go with TWICE a year! How about it Brooke?

Ok ok ok, settle down! We can do it 3 times a year!


Ashley said...

I know you guys aren't blood related, but you look like sisters! looks like a blast!