November 17, 2008


So I went to the store today in search of some new yummy wine. I had to use my Sister's (she is my in-law, but in law sounds so yucky.) wine expertise to pick out some yummy wine because she is fabulous and works at a winery. She told me some brands and after 90 laps around the alcohol section, I grabbed my choice. I donn't have any wine glasses at home and thought I could just stop at a home store and grab some. Then, I remembered how bad my day had been and figured stopping at the home store would prolong my wine drinking, so I thought, Albertsons has to have a section that sells glasses. I get over to the seasonal aisle and see PLASTIC wine glasses. Sweet. Nothing tackier then that, sold. I grabbed my glass and was on my way.
Now, the things I hate most in life are, being judged and self checkout. When you have two bottles of wine and one wine glass, you have to go to self checkout or you know the cashier at the regular check will for sure judge you. Then I would be forced to tell her about my horrible day and how I swear I am not an alcoholic and bla bla blah. Then she would judge me as a crazy alcoholic who needs therapy. Not good. So, I went to self check out. I figured that I only had 3 things, how bad could it be. Well, it was going great, until the stupid computer didn't believe I was 21 and called the cashier over anyway. Now, I am being judged and I am using self checkout. What a wonderful situation. Told you my day was going good.
Right then I wanted to tell the cashier to hold on because I was for sure in need of a third bottle.