July 26, 2009

Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned

With these bad boys.

I am sick just thinking about how many I ate.....in one sitting. I am, however, pretty sure it's the Hubster's fault. He sent me into Wal-Mart, by myself, for a few groceries, mistake #1.

As I was walking down the main aisle, passing the cookie aisle, I could hear my name being called. I am looking around and no one is there. Then I look again, and I see them. The Mint Milanos. They were smiling and waving at me, acting like we were old friends. Psshhh, old friends yeah right. I told them to leave me alone, I am on Weight Watchers and I wanted nothing to do with their sugary, minty, milk chocolatey goodness. Did they listen, no. They "fell" into my basket. I tried to put them back, but I couldn't. I went to put them back on the shelf and I couldn't let go of them. So I told myself, one bag won't hurt right? I can jump back on the wagon tomorrow right?

So for now, it's just me and my sugary, minty, milk chocolatey old friends.

Thank you Pepperidge Farm, thank you.


Rob and Amy said...

Cherry Limeade Chillers from Sonic have done the same damn thing to me for TWO nights in a row!

Bre said...

hmmmm... those look really good. Thanks for adding even more temptation to my life!!! =)

And I agree with "Rob and Amy"... those cherry limeades from Sonic are to die for!!!