July 22, 2009

Bellies and Blossoms

When I was prego, I worked at Bellies And Blossoms. It's a cute little maternity store here in Vegas and pretty much heaven. I am not sure where all of you live, but here in Vegas, our Nordstrom does not carry maternity clothes and we only have one GAP that has a maternity section. So this store, like I said, is heaven.

This is a picture of me and the Hubster back when I was 7 months prego. That top is from Bellies and it is sooooo cute. I still wear it today. Yep, I am not prego and I am still wearing prego tops. Stop it, I am not fat! What I am saying is, these clothes work for before pregnancy, during and after. The owner, she is pretty much as tall as Kobe Bryant and as skinny as a pole and she wears 80% of her merchandise! Seriously people, it works.
(bad picture, I know)
See this pinkish peach top here? Totally from her store. Cute right?.
I know it's not a very good shot of the shirt, but you get the idea.

Anyways. Just wanted to let all my pregos out there know, that on August 8Th, Bellies and Blossoms will be having a sidewalk sale. Stuff will be up to 70% off. Like I said, she sells the same brands that you can get from Nordtrom online!! Amazing right?? Right.
Oh and if you're a prego who likes name brand jeans, she has amazing jeans.
Paige Denim, James Jeans and more.
Go there now. Tell her I sent you. =)
oh and p.s. you can shop online if you don't live in Vegas. Right now for July, any red, white or blue item is 20% off!! Doesn't that make you giddy?


Anonymous said...

suck up!!!

Suzanne said...

Listen Kate, you do what you gotta do!! haha