June 22, 2008

Yes he is my husband, No we aren't married

Ok, so most of you know that Manny and I are not married. This is how it went - We met, fell in love, ended up pregnant and now we are living happily ever after. Was it the traditional way of doing things? No. Do we eventually want to get married? Of course. What girl doesn't want to marry her dream man? But right now, I am happy with the way things are, and I am sure Manny is too. Yes I call him my husband, but what should I call him? Boyfriend? Partner? Baby's Daddy?(admit it, that one made you laugh) All of those sound weird and borderline ghetto. He is a husband to me. He loves me, takes care of me and is truly my best friend. Those to me, are all the qualities in a husband. A legal piece of paper will not change the way Manny treats me nor will it change how much I love him and our family. Also, us not being married, doesn't make us bad people or sinners. We are happy and in love and raising our son the best way we know how. Shouldn't that be enough? So please, next time you decide to judge me or ask me when we are going to get married, just know that we are happy and we have NO IDEA when the wedding will be.