June 17, 2008


Ok, so what is up with friends that only want to be friends when it is convenient for them? Why do friends love when you are unhappy? I will tell you why, because they were never your true friends. The quickest way to lose friends is to better yourself and become happy. This past year and a half has been the most amazing year and a half for me. I have a great man in my life and we have an amazing 8 1/2 month old baby. But at the same time, I have people that are distancing themselves from me and acting like, that because I am finally happy, that they can't be my friend anymore. That's fine, I don't have time for drama. I guess you find out who your true friends are eventually right? I know that I would do anything for anyone in my life. Yes, my schedule may not always allow me to hang out, but if it was an emergency and I was needed, I would be there. So, to all those friends out there that feel they can only be friends on their time, "Farewell my Fair Weather Friend!"


Anonymous said...

To hell with them; here is what one of my good friends has said;

Every day, passion speaks to us through our feelings. that's why when you allow yourself to become anesthetized by what others think, you literally block yourself from living the life you were called to live. I promise you that if you make a choice that doesn't please your mate, your friends, your mother, or whoever, the world will not fall apart -- the people who truly love you want you to love yourself. and as you become clearer about who you really are, you'll be better able to decide what is best for you -- the first time around. Oprah Winfrey

Anonymous said...

Yeah, bceause me and Oprah are so close! haha!