June 22, 2008

The House

Ok obviously, I can't sleep. So I am using this time to catch up on my blogs and vent. All my blogs are usually about our handsome little man, but it's time that Mama does some venting!

For the past year and a half, Manny and I have been living in a house that he owns with his brother, or his parents house while they were away in Mexico. Both of them are amazing homes and I was very happy to get to live in them. But there just comes a time when a family needs their own space. So......Manny and I decided to buy a house of our own. That is the picture you are seeing. It was a foreclosure but it is AAHHHMMAAZZIINGGG (there is that singing voice again). We have both heard that buying a foreclosure is such a long and hard process, but I don't think we really understood how hard it could be. Let me just tell you, it has been rough. It's bad enough that it took them 14 days to accept our offer, then of course we have to wait the normal 30 day escrow period, but now, the closing is taking forever. He signed the papers last Friday, yep that's right folks, that was 9 days ago! And guess what? We still don't have the keys. We were told that the hold up is that 1300 people have to sign off on this house and 47 of those people are slacking. Hopefully maybe, just maybe, this week the 47 slackers in corporate foreclosure world, will put down their lattes, pick up a pen and sign away the home. Other then that drama, we are both so excited!! We have been buying stuff and storing it in one of the spare bedrooms here. Seriously, I could start my own Bed Bath and Beyond with all the goodies we have in that bedroom. I love to go in there every day and just talk to my goodies. I tell them that one day I will have cabinets to put them in. Can I just tell you how excited I am to have my own kitchen? I could do somersaults all day long that's how excited I am. Also, Manny will have a garage where he can have all his TOYS in one spot. And for those of you that know him, you know he has lots of toys. Ahhh we just can't wait. Keep your fingers crossed!