April 11, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Officer: Good Afternoon Ma'am, do you know why I pulled you over?

Me: Not really

Officer: Are you aware that you are driving in the Carpool Lane?

Me: Very aware, how scary would it be if I said no? (I laughed, he didn't)

Officer: Ma'am, this lane is dedicated for people with two or more passengers, and it's very obvious you are traveling alone.

Me: The sign says that those rules only apply between certain hours.

Officer: What sign? (then he points to the sign posted right where we were and says.....) That sign right there says two or more passengers or motorcycles

Me: Yes, I can read that sign. But the sign back there, states times.

Officer: Again, Ma'am, which sign? One we've already passed?

Me: Yes, that would be why I said the sign back there.

Officer: I see that you just bought this car, so I am assuming you don't have your registration yet, but do you have a license.

Me: You assumed right, here is my license. (hand him my license) Hubster just bought me this car, do you like?

Officer: Very nice Ma'am, sit tight, I will be right back.

Me: I will be waiting.

(comes back to my car)
Officer: Ok, now I will let you off this time, just next time be aware that this lane is reserved.

Me: Reserved for who? I am not driving in it during the rush hour times! You have to let me off, I didn't do anything wrong.

Officer: Technically I could give you a ticket for insubordination.

Me: (laughing) Insubordination? I am not being insubordinate, I am simply pleading my case. Hubster would kill me if I got a ticket, especially if he had to take time off work to go to the courthouse and watch me plead my case to the judge and prove you wrong.

Officer: Ma'am, have a good day and drive safely.

And that is ANOTHER example of why I am no longer driving in the Carpool lane, EVER.
If you have no clue what I am talking about, read here.


Anonymous said...

OMG! haha, how often do you drive in that lane anyway?! Dang, I wonder if I can drive in that lane now that I have two kids...

Gini said...

There are HOV lanes here? I better pay attention. Your story had me holding my breath for you....the cops are not very nice out here, no matter how cute you are.

becky s said...

Really? Our lanes in Cali don't have ANY hours when you can drive in them unless there are 2+ in the car. I've never seen that. I haven't driven far enough to need the lane with my little guy in the car with me, but I certainly wouldn't hesitate to use it if I needed to. I swear, what is it with the ones where you are? Sheesh!

Glad you avoided that ticket.