April 19, 2009

Disneyland aka Heaven

Ahh!! The screaming kids, people cutting you off, getting your heels run over by cheap walmart strollers, waiting in 45 minute lines, paying $34.50 for a churro and soda.......what's not to love about Disney!?!? It's the Happiest Place On Earth people!! Things that would make you go POSTAL in everyday life, are ok behind the magical gates.
Another great thing, breakfast with the stars.
This is just another day in the life of little boy.
Here is Little Boy, loving him some Minnie.
Here is Little Boy about to poop his pants!!
Minnie shouldn't have jumped to 3rd base so quick.

Look at his face, enough said.

Oh, and Chip. Little boy tried to hit him in the head. Sorry Chip! (or are you Dale?)

Cutest thing ever! Yes, that is Hubster, riding the Carousel with Little Boy.
I was a proud mama.


Bethany said...

How cute!!

If I never go to Disney Land again...I will be okay with that! :)

Anonymous said...

Sooooooo jelous!!!!

Bre said...

Looks like such fun! You've been to Cali quite a bit this year, huh? Oh and don't say it was only 2or 3 times... I haven't been since 2006!!!

Ok, Ok, i'm a little jealous! =)

Bird Shit said...

SO cute...looks like he wanted nothing to do w/ Minnie!