April 22, 2009

WW Wednesday

Oh snap!! Mama lost 3lbs this week. I didn't even follow WW very strict, remember my Disney trip? So you can see why I didn't expect to lose any.
Also, today, my mom let me borrow her Wii Fit and I get to use it for 3 weeks while she is recovering. (she had her baby making parts removed)
That means, HOPEFULLY next week, we might see another 3lbs gone. At this pace, I could be at my goal weight in a few months. Oh and don't even keep reading hoping I will mention what my goal weight is, because I am not saying! At least not until I reach it. I don't want you all to die of shock at how much I MUST weigh right now. I need you around for moral support. So once I hit my goal, you will be the first to know. Then instead of passing out from shock, you can fill me with compliments like, "girl, you did not look like you weighed that much!"


Bethany said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! You got this in the bag!

Ashley said...

Girl, you look good ok? ok! You can do it!!